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Selcer reflects community’s values

The residents of Minnetonka House District 48A (northern Eden Prairie and southern Minnetonka) deserve two more years of representation in St. Paul by incumbent Yvonne Selcer.

During the 21 years that my family has lived in northern Eden Prairie, I have personally met with and/or been able to work with all of our Republican and DFL state representatives beginning with Republican Tom Workman in the mid-1990s. They are good people.

Although I have very much enjoyed meeting Kirk Stensrud on several occasions and have more than once considered attending one of the informational, local Republican get-togethers at the Gold Nugget Restaurant, I am recommending a vote for incumbent Yvonne Selcer.

Yvonne Selcer clearly reflects the values of our beautiful swath of geography given her two-session voting record. She is strong for education, small business, voter rights, marriage equality, government clarity and budget accountability. Regarding the later, she voted against an Omnibus Tax bill because there was no companion bill to increase government efficiencies. Yvonne Selcer also voted against Gov. Dayton’s business-to-business tax, a law that has since been rescinded.

Yvonne Selcer reflects the values of her constituents even when they are not aligned with the agenda of the DFL House Caucus. Mr. Stensrud’s campaign messaging and legislative record as a conservative Republican,, demonstrate that he is unable to process community values into good legislation if they are not aligned with the Republican agenda.

Jeff Strate
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, October 23, 2014

Editor’s Note:  Strate produces Democratic Visions, a politically left-leaning cable TV show.

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