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The StarTribune Editorial Board has endorsed Laurie Pryor for the HD48A seat, posting the following on their website November 1, 2016:


When state Rep. Yvonne Selcer unexpectedly announced in April that she would not seek a third term in her Minnetonka-Eden Prairie district, Laurie Pryor realized that she was well-suited to run in her stead. As a retired communications and management consultant and 27-year resident of the district, Pryor is well-versed in state and local issues. As a DFL activist, she had already doorknocked the district many times.

We share Pryor’s self-assessment. She’s a strong candidate who deserves election over Republican Mary Shapiro, who recently retired after 35 years teaching in the Minneapolis Public Schools.


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Q&A: Laurie Pryor ~ DFL Minnesota House District 48A Party candidate



Former Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis rallies for Laurie Pryor


DFL 48A House candidate Laurie Pryor, DFL Senate candidate Deb Calvert and former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis.

Suburban women are an important voting bloc in any election, but they could be extra critical for Democrats this year. National polls repeatedly show a dearth of support among women for Republican nominee Donald Trump, who — among other comments — has said there should be some kind of “punishment” for women who want to have abortions.

That’s not lost on Davis and other Clinton surrogates, traveling to places like Minnetonka to drum up excitement among affluent Democratic women and independent voters. “We are all here in the final 15 minutes and we are giving everything we have,” Davis said. “Because we know what’s at stake.”

Support from women voters isn’t just crucial to Clinton, though. It will also be critically important for suburban DFL legislative candidates who appear down the ballot.

“I’m become convinced,” Davis said. “The outcome of this election hinges on women.”

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Rep. Selcer’s June 3, 2015 Legislative Update

Yvonne SelcerDear Friends,

Special Session

Unfortunately, legislative leaders and Governor Dayton were not able to reach a budget compromise on time and there will be a special session. Currently, legislative leaders Daudt and Bakk are meeting with the Governor to negotiate a final agreement. I am extremely disappointed that the legislature did not finish on time. I am hopeful that a bipartisan agreement is struck soon so that a brief special session may take place to resolve any unfinished business.

During the special session, I will not be taking per diem and I will urge my colleagues to follow suit. The people of Minnesota expect the legislature to finish its work on time and with a $2 billion surplus, there is little reason to need a special session.

Vacancies in State Boards, Councils & Committees

I want to pass along information on vacancies in State Boards, Councils & Committees that I recently received from the Secretary of State’s office. These are great avenues for citizen involvement in our government and I encourage you to get involved! (more…)

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Education Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Yvonne Selcer copy 2As we finish up our work in St. Paul, I certainly hope that more progress can be made for our students. As you may recall, our schools faced deep budget cuts during the last decade, when we had a budget deficit for 8 out of the last 10 years. In 2013, the budget was balanced into the future and we now have a projected $1.9 billion surplus. Yet, the proposed House Majority education budget increases school funding by just .6 percent —a number that school officials have warned will cause hundreds of teacher layoffs in the metro area and increase class sizes.

With a significant budget surplus, we must strike a better balance between investing in education, transportation and other priorities to strengthen our economy, and providing a suitable business and tax environment. I am extremely disappointed that the House majority is insisting on providing permanent tax relief to owners of the biggest corporations in our state — many of whom don’t even live in Minnesota — at the expense of our students and their future.

With time running out before the Legislature adjourns May 18, I hope that our legislative leaders will find more compromise to ensure that our students are made a priority for the next two years. For my part, I will continue working to ensure that we can strike a bipartisan balance that ensures our schools remain strong and that our students have world-class opportunities.

Rep. Yvonne Selcer, HD48A
Eden Prairie News, May 15, 2015

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