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Senate Republicans preparing for shutdown

Government Shutdown

By Ken Martin, DFL Chairman

“The same Republican Party that brought Minnesota into a government shutdown in 2011 is already preparing itself for another destructive shutdown.

“On Wednesday afternoon, with several weeks left before a shutdown would be triggered, state Sen. Sean Nienow (R- Cambridge) attempted to advance a bill he calls ‘Plan B,’ even while negotiations between legislative leaders and Gov. Mark Dayton are still in progress. Every single Senate Republican voted for Nienow’s motion.

“Make no mistake: this Plan B is just a desperate attempt to deflect accountability from their Party, which has refused to move from their negotiating position for weeks. Minnesotans don’t want to eliminate MinnesotaCare for 100,000 of our neighbors. We don’t want an education budget that would force cuts in our school districts. We don’t want to end up with a budget that sacrifices long-term fiscal stability for a temporary tax cut. Minnesotans will see through their cynical politics if Tea Party Republicans continue to propose such destructive policies and try to dodge responsibility for the results.

“While Republicans are busy preparing Plan B, Senate DFLers are still working hard on Plan A: negotiating a compromise with the House, passing a responsible budget and keeping the government from shutting down in the first place. If Senate Republicans are truly concerned about Minnesota’s future, they should work to avoid a shutdown instead of spending the last days of session avoiding the blame.”

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GOP Ad Campaign Misleading



Ken Martin on GOP and Money

Big Money“Just 10 days ago the Speaker of the Minnesota House, Kurt Daudt, the highest ranking Republican elected official in the State of Minnesota, laid out hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending for things like tax cuts, transportation infrastructure, nursing home funding, and K-12 higher education spending. And while his math didn’t quite add up, the fact of the matter is that there hasn’t been a single bill introduced by Republican House members to cut spending this year. Clearly, Speaker Daudt and House Republicans agree with DFLers that we should use this surplus to invest in the critical unmet needs facing Minnesotans throughout the state. 

“Now today the Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota is calling on the legislature to send every surplus dollar back to Minnesota residents in the form of a $350 per person check.  Not only is this shortsighted, it ignores recent history that proves that the Ventura rebates helped create the financial difficulties we faced during the early 2000s. If we do as Chairman Downey is suggesting and return every dollar of the surplus to Minnesotans we will not be able to make the investments in Minnesota that even Speaker Daudt and House Republicans agree need to be met – like repairing our roads and bridges and investing in our education system throughout the state.

“The fact is that Chairman Downey should do his job of building the party to win elections and focus less on taking positions such as this which are squarely at odds with the highest ranking elected Republican in the State of Minnesota. His insistence on ideological purity pits him against fair-minded Republicans who are trying to do the job they were sent to do in St. Paul. Who’s in charge here the Speaker of the House or the Chairman of the Republican Party? What kind of dynamic does this create when elected Republicans of the Minnesota House have to choose between the Republican State Party Chair or governing in the best interests of the constituents who elected them. Are Republicans in the Minnesota House going to put their oath to Minnesotans ahead of their oath to the Republican Party? 

“It is unbelievable that a party that still owes $1.5 million dollars in debt, including some $300,000 to vendors who worked in the 2014 election, would spend six figures on advertising to persuade legislators – presumably from their own party – to return the surplus and put us back on a path to financial instability.  It is the height of hypocrisy that the party of ‘fiscal responsibility’ would go further into debt to beat members of their own party into ideological submission.”

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Debunking Daudt – Economy

Kurt DaudtAt the latest economic forecast, Speaker Daudt made claims that Minnesota’s improved economic position “has to do with the fact that balance has been restored in state government.”

As you may remember, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell was criticized for similar claims that were debunked.

The House DFL released a video highlighting Speaker Daudt’s claims about Minnesota’s growing economy – it can be viewed here.

This is not the only claim that Speaker Daudt has asserted about Minnesota’s economy that does not hold up to the facts.

Speaker Daudt has said over the past year that Minnesota’s economy has “flat-lined” due to the policies put in place by Democrats.

Last Friday Speaker Daudt doubled-down, saying “I think the November forecast represented very clearly that the policies they put in place didn’t help Minnesota families and they didn’t help Minnesota’s economy.”

Speaker Daudt’s economic claims do not hold up to the facts. The budget passed by 2013-14 state legislature went into effect in July 2013. Since then, Minnesota’s economy has steadily improved on several key metrics.

  • Minnesota has added 74,500 jobs since the DFL budget was put in place. Far from a flat line, jobs have been added and our unemployment rate has dropped at a steady pace. (Source: MMB, slide 6).
  • Minnesota’s unemployment rate is 3.6%, the 5th lowest in the country and lowest in Minnesota in 14 years. (Source: DEED)
  • Wages have grown for Minnesotans and stronger wage growth is expected in the future. (Source: MMB Slide 7).

Speaker Daudt’s other claim, “that part of this economic confidence has to do with the fact that balance has been restored in state government” has even less factual basis.

Minnesotans are more optimistic about our economy. In fact, Minnesota has the highest confidence of any state in the nation. This is based on a study by Gallup from January to December of 2014, while Democrats were in control of all branches of state government. (Source: http://www.gallup.com/poll/181514/economic-confidence-index-highest-minn-lowest.aspx).

Minnesota’s economy has been making steady improvements in various economic metrics while the Democrats were in control of state government (unemployment rate, job creation, state revenues, and consumer confidence).

Daudt’s claims that Minnesota’s economy flat-lined while Democrats were in control of state government are false. His claims that Minnesota’s economic confidence is in part due to Republican control of the Minnesota House are even less credible.

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We looked at Jenifer Loon’s 2013-14 voting record in the Minnesota House of Representatives. What did we find?

  • She voted on 29 billsNo
    • She voted for a bill to repeal business taxes
    • She voted for marriage equality
  • She voted against no on all 27 other bills, that means she voted
    • Against investing in:
      • Education
      • Medical research
      • School loan refinancing
      • Economic development
    • Against affordable housing
    • Against investing in improving our state’s infrastructure
    • Against renewable energy
    • Against employment services
    • Against consumers by:
      • Voting nay on a cell phone kill switch bill
      • Voting against protecting consumers from predatory lenders
    • Against accountability
    • Against transparency
    • Against investing in safety
    • Against women on equal pay for equal work and maternity leave legislation
    • Against medical marijuana to hep people with chronic pain
    • Against helping detect early detection of genetic diseases in newborns
    • Against increasing the minimum wage
    • Against students facing bullying

Seems to us she was a strong representative for the Party of No with that kind of record.

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