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Support Joan Howe-Pullis

As a high school senior, I get told regularly not to waste my time with state politics. Increasingly, it seems that the people of Eden Prairie are exasperated by partisan politics impeding our government. A good number of them also feel so alienated by the convoluted jargon of politics that they resign themselves to the belief that our problems are unsolvable — and to be perfectly honest, they are unless we tear down the barriers between our state’s leadership and our personal lives.

That is why I am supporting Joan Howe-Pullis in her ongoing campaign for State Representative for District 48B. Throughout the past few months, Joan has proved herself a stellar listener, a quick learner, and a proactive defender of morality. In contrast, our current representative has increasingly surrendered to a policy of inaction. Despite admitting that both childhood bullying and workplace equality are critical issues within our state, our representative rejected legislation that would tackle these matters. Admittedly, these bills were not perfect; however, we cannot continue to condone a path of defeat. The future is in our hands:  it is our duty as citizens to create a great one. I know that regardless of your political affiliation, ultimately Joan is committed to creating this future and to representing our common interest.

In the end, however, it is your vote that will determine the outcome of the November 4th election. I urge you to consider it carefully, even in a midterm election, your vote is so much more than just a number. It is unique to you and your voice, and it is about time we reclaim the voice of Eden Prairie as one of hard work, unity and fearlessness.

Karen Lin
Eden Prairie News, October 23, 2014

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