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Howe-Pullis listens

This is basic, but it deserves saying:  When a candidate who vows to work across the aisle is elected, we should be assured he/she will respect our positions notwithstanding which side of the aisle we prefer.

When a candidate has the endorsement or the support of a political party, we should expect that political party to support and embrace the candidate’s promise to work across the aisle. In fact, each political party’s platform should include a statement to this effect.

When we study the candidates, we should be assured of his/her (1) knowledge of the issues, (2) ability to communicate his/her position and why, (3) understanding and awareness of the community regarding the issues, and (4) willingness to listen. We expect the elected candidate to bring those skills to our governing body.

In this election, I support Joan Howe-Pullis because she has the integrity, intelligence and ability to negotiate. Although Joan has the support of the DFL, she has made the promise to work across the aisle and has said that commitment will be foremost in her mind in the middle of debate.

Joan Howe-Pullis is serious about what we have to say; she listens.

Marylu Belisle
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, October 30, 2014

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