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Howe-Pullis practical and effective

My acquaintance with Joan Howe-Pullis has been in the context of making things work with limited resources in a brief time frame in challenging circumstances. Time and again, I’ve seen Joan volunteer and cause results that in retrospect seem amazing if not miraculous. Listening well, hearing two or more sides to an issue, and finding innovative solutions that call for the best from all parties innovative solutions that call for the best from all parties is a talent she brings and develops in others who participate with her.

Much has been said about what she stands for, including a stable and growing economy with resources and broad demand from a developing middle-class. This value was heightened by an experience as a restauranteur with her husband in 2008, when their business became a casualty of the recession, itself a result of failed financial regulation and government oversight. Some conservatives tout this lack of oversight as a good thing. I and a lot of Americans who lost much of the value of the 401Ks disagree with this idea.

Her experience as a teacher and drama coach for young people in summer camp productions speak to her commitment to you people and out future. What I trust about Joan is her sense of proportion and her willingness to speak out. She hasn’t lost her sense of humor about human frailties, and she doesn’t tolerate mediocrity or complacency either.

Joan strikes me as particularly practical as well as effective. She will suggest better alternatives when something isn’t working the way it might, and so she’s running to be a more effective voice for Eden Prairie at the Capitol in St. Paul. I want to make sure we have the best kind of representative advocating for us, so I invite you to join me in supporting Joan Howe-Pullis.

Paul Hoffinger
Eden Prairie News, October 30, 2014

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