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Selcer works across the aisle

Once again, the campaigning in this mid-term election tends negative. At least one candidate, Yvonne Selcer, state representative 48A, stands apart and shares her record and her vision.

I am an independent voter interested in supporting candidates who cross the aisle. I have gotten to know Yvonne who, during her first term, has been an independent voice that gets results. She is supported by folks from all parties … Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Independence candidate for governor Tom Horner, and Republican Karen Anderson, former Minnetonka mayor … likely because she crosses the aisle.

I respect and support Yvonne because she listens to her constituents’ priorities, considers them as she develops her position and votes in consideration for the good of all Minnesotans. Her record speaks for itself.

Selcer supported cutting taxes for more than one million Minnesotans and paid back our schools. She worked to ensure a balanced budget without shifts, gimmicks or shutdowns. Seeing education of prime importance, Yvonne worked diligently to make all-day kindergarten a reality for all Minnesota children, froze college tuition, and passed legislation to protect students studying abroad. She voted against funding for the state office building because she believed that it was not the highest priority for Minnesotans.

Yvonne expresses a clear vision for the future:  growing our economy through wise investments, offering tax breaks, incentives and reducing red tape for small businesses and protecting our children’s futures. She has heard the desire of constituents to put families before politics and work to keep Minnesota the best place in America to live, work and raise a family.

I urge you to:  Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4 to ensure your voice is heard, and cast your vote for Yvonne Selcer, state representative 48A, to elect a candidate who will reach across the aisle.

Irene M. Kelly
Eden Prairie News, October 30, 2014

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