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Gender Wage Gap Realities

With April 14, 2015 being the day the average working woman has to work to in order to match the 2014 earnings of the average man, here’s a post from the Center for American Progress that explains the gap:

The Center for American Progress has multiple articles on this topic that can give you the info you need to combat your Republican uncle who only gets his talking points from Fox News. (That mindset is, unfortunately, the same as our State Senator, David Hann, who’s stated on the Senate Floor that there is no such thing as a wage gap and has also said that income inequality isn’t a bad thing.)

Here’s a link to a post to multiple articles on this real topic.

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Minnesota Doing Better to Support Equality and Opportunity

Thanks to Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders, we’ve got a stronger environment of equality for all of us, not just those who can buy it:

In our eyes, that’s truly doing unto others as you’d like done unto you.


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Scrimping On Women’s Pay

Martha Burk with the National Memo, posted the above article on their website on May 26, 2014. The article took a look at Congressional Republicans’ recent vote blocking a vote on increasing the minimum wage. What’s in this article? Here’s what Ms. Burk details:

  • Conservative continue to claim increasing the minimum wage will destroy entry level jobs for new workers
    • Reality is that the “great majority of minimum wage workers are grown women, and that’s been true for years”
  • Women have regained more jobs than they lost in the Great Recession
    • Reality is that while that’s good news, the bad news is that low wage jobs are growing at a faster rate than decent paying jobs.
    • About 40% of the new jobs created last year pay less than $14 per hour
    • That rate is double what it was before the recession
  • Both men and women are being pushed into bottom-rung jobs
    • The majority of this work is done by women
  • Women make up half of the workforce
    • Reality shows that 3/4 of workers in low-wage jobs are women
    • Since the Great Recession, over 35% of women’s job gains have been in low-wage industries, just 18% of men’s new jobs were in those field
  • April’s job numbers show this imbalance is only getting worse — over 1 in 3 new jobs for women were in low-wage industries compared to 1 in 10 for men.
  • What’s worse is that women are getting paid less for doing this low-wage work.

You can read the full post here.

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The people of Minnesota (including Eden Prairie and Minnetonka, no matter what Rep. Loon and Sen. Hann say) benefitted from the 2014 session. How:

  • Tax cuts and repeal of business to business taxes — Yes, the Democrats (your Republican legislators are sure to whinge on and on about tax and spend.  But, it just isn’t true. More than 1 million lower- and middle class Minnesotans have a tax cut. And, those anti-business Dems did what?  They repealed 3 business to business taxes enacted when the state was facing a budget deficit.
  • Minimum wage increase — By 2016, state state’s minimum wage will be $9.50 an hour. That’s the first increase in almost 10 years.  Here’s a link to a post showing the impact on workers in House Districts 48A and 48B. Before the increase? Minnesota’s minimum wage was one 4 the 4 lowest in the country.
  • Bonding bill  — Sen. Hann is already whining that the Legislature “spent too much”.  We are investing more than $1 billion in infrastructure and economic development projects all over our great state. And, we should. There has been no major spending on maintaining roads and bridges for years (personally, we don’t want to wait for another bridge to collapse and people to die). And, anyone living in the real world knows that the economy isn’t as strong as we’d like it to be after the almost total collapse of 2008. There’ll be thousands of good-paying jobs coming from this bill.
  • Essential spending and fiscal responsibility — Thanks to a $1.2 billion budget surplus, Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators were able to address key priorities for you and me. In addition to adding $150 million to our state’s reserve, the first increase since 2001 (right before Tim Pawlenty was elected Governor and games started to be played with the State’s budget). The rest of the surplus was used to:
    • Increase the pay of health care workers who care for people with disabilities and older Minnesotans
    • Provide free hot lunches for all students, so they’re better able to learn
    • Provide help paying for propane fuel during this past brutally cold, long winter when prices skyrocketed.
  • The Unsession — Over 1,100 proposals were enacted to streamline government and improve government services.

Governor Dayton signed into law the Women’s Economic Security Act to ensure equal pay for equal work, expand family and sick leave for working families and increase economic opportunity for women in high-wage, high-demand jobs.

On the difficult issue of medical marijuana, we saw citizen government at is best. It delivered a compromise solution that brought together all ideas and perspectives to delivery a compromise that will provide children and their families with the relief they need and deserve.

Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators like Rep Yvonne Selcer worked to provide far reaching improvement for the lives of Minnesotans in all corners of our state — including Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

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On Sunday, May 11, 2014, Gov. Mary Dayton signed into law the bill that will provide more workplace protection and equal pay for women.

The bill was called the Women’s Economic Security Act. Now that it’s become law, it will:

  • increase unpaid pregnancy and parenting leave from 6 to 12 weeks
  • allow sick leave to be used to care for sick grandchildren
  • provide a private space for a woman to nurse other than bathrooms
  • require businesses that are awarded large state contracts to certify they pay men and women equal salaries for similar jobs, and
  • bar employers from discriminating against
    • pregnant women and
    • parents with small children at home

Seems to be common sense and something we’d want to have in place considering that we have a large number of working women in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

How did our representatives in the Minnesota House and Senate vote?

DavidHann2013LegPreviewPresser640-300x187Sen. David Hann, Senate District 48, Republican — voted against



220px-JeniferLoonRep. Jenifer Loon, House District 48B, Republican — voted against



Yvonne_SelcerRep. Yvonne Selcer, House District 48A, Democrat — voted for


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