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Contact Your Representative

Hold your elected officials responsible for their positions, votes, etc. Here are some links to help you:

Contact Pres. Donald Trump here.

Contact U.S. Rep. Eric Paulsen:

Call Representative Erik Paulsen at (202) 225-2871. Demand he support the release of Trump’s taxes. Here is a sample script:

Hi, my name is YOUR NAME from 55344 in EDEN PRAIRIE. I support the release of Pres. Trump’s taxes. Americans need to have the confidence that our elected officials are working in our best interests and not in their own self-serving interests – or worse – for a foreign power.

Website https://paulsen.house.gov/
Contact 127 Cannon House Office Building
D.C. office: (202) 225-2871
local office: (952) 405-8510

Contact your awesome Senators here.

Call Senator Amy Klobuchar at (202) 224-3244 and Senator Tina Smith at (202) 224-5641. Remind them how much you admire and appreciate their efforts.

Sample script: Hi, I’m (say your name) from (say from where you’re calling). I am one of the many grassroots activists that stands opposed to Donald Trump’s spiteful, mean-spirited agenda. I am proud of the work you are doing to keep work America progressing. Just wanted to thank you!

Contact your State Representative or Senator here.
Contact your Hennepin County Commissioner here.
Contact your Eden Prairie City Council here.
Contact your Minnetonka City Council here.




CD3 DFL Action Alerts





Thanks for visiting our site. Senate District 48 DFL includes Southern Minnetonka and the majority of Eden Prairie. We bring together two vibrant communities with a diverse population. We believe it’s a great area to live and raise a family.

We also believe, as Sen. Wellstone said, “As free citizens in a political democracy we have a responsibility to be interested and involved in the affairs of the human community.” If you’re interested in learning more about what we believe and are doing, please visit our site often.  If you’d like to get involved in moving our communities, state and country forward to a progressive future, please contact us. There are lots of ways you can get involved.  Hope to see you soon!




Were You Elected Precinct Chair at Caucus? Here’s What’s Next.

Duties of a Precinct Chair or Precinct Vice Chair.

The Precinct Chair or Vice Chair(s) is the face and voice of the DFL party at its grass roots level:  the precinct.  Precincts are geographic neighborhoods, and the politically like-minded people who live in them.  Every other level in the DFL is built on the grass roots organization that happens in precincts.  As precinct leaders, you are the point of contact for neighbors interested in the DFL. You can be the change makers in your neighborhood.

To that end, as an official member of the DFL organization for a 2-year term, you are expected to attend the SD48 monthly meetings every second Thursday of the month at Glen Lake Center (map) and to help elect local progressive candidates by doing the following:

  • Build relationships with precinct caucus participants over the next two years.
    • Communicate via emailing, phoning, a blog, or social media.
    • Let them know about SD48 and other DFL events.
    • Hold precinct events.
  • Find more DFLers in your precinct.
  • Record and pass along info about others who might help the DFL and campaigns.
  • Get people registered to vote.
  • Pass out the DFL sample ballot and campaign literature for endorsed candidates.
  • Get your precinct DFLers out to vote at election time.

Mark your calendar!

Rep. Jenifer Loon (HD48B) Town Hall
– There’s strength in numbers – help us keep the MN House Republicans accountable!
When: Saturday, February 24, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Where: Eden Prairie Library

Walking Subcaucus Demonstration
When: Thursday, March 8, 2018, 7 PM
Where: Eden Prairie High School

DFL48 Convention
When: Saturday, March 17, 2018
Where: Details pending.

Precinct Officer Orientation
When: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 7 PM
Where: Glen Lake Activities Center
14350 Excelsior Blvd, Minnetonka

Your attendance at SD48 DFL meetings and work on SD48 projects and events is critical, and will give you lots of ideas about things you can do in, and communicate with, your precinct.  Your participation in the Senate District will also allow you to bring your ideas to the SD48 leadership for adoption and implementation.

Together we can Flip MN Blue, elect progressive candidates, eject the vile Trump GOP and their enablers and work toward a better future.

Thank you for engaging with us and being part of a winning campaign season!




The PCR is Back!

What’s the PCR? For years, the State of Minnesota had a program in place where individuals  are able to contribute to a fund for state political party units or candidates running for state office and receive a rebate for that contribution.

That Means You Can Contribute to Us for Free!

Here’s the details:  a registered voter can contribute $50 to Senate District 48 DFL ($100 for a couple), we’ll provide you with a receipt and form to complete and mail to the State of Minnesota. In 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll receive a check for $50 ($100 for a couple) from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Your contribution is a local, grass roots investment that will directly help Democratic candidates at the local, state, and national levels. It will help us build local infrastructure, train volunteers, publicize our progressive message, groom local candidates for higher office, and generously fund candidates in 2012.

Make a difference!

Make a secure online contribution through PayPal now:

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What: Senate District 48 Precinct Caucus
When: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 7:00 PM (Registration at 6:30 PM)
Where: Eden Prairie High School, East Commons

Make your voice heard! Come to Caucus Feb 6th with your Resolution ready!

Want to help shape the platform of the DFL and communicate your belief of the issues the Party should stand for? The caucus and convention process sets the framework for the DFL Party by helping shape the platform and Action Agenda – come to Caucus and propose a Resolution on an issue on which you feel strongly – move our Platform forward.

You can find the Resolution form here:
Resolutions Form

Please come to caucus with your Resolution prepared and share it with your friend/family – ask them to bring the same to their precincts!

It is helpful to check the Platform to see if it is already part of the DFL platform/action agenda:

See you then!!



Nov. 7:  Yes, there IS an election! Here’s a run down…

School Boards and referendums, City council seats – Tues. Nov. 7.  See what’s on your ballot >

Voting for the School Board Election

Be sure to vote in the November Eden Prairie School Board Election and Minnetonka City Council election November 7. It is important to elect local officials who share our values and you can make a difference when you vote. Many of you have been inquiring on who DFL SD48 supports for Eden Prairie School Board and Minnetonka City Council (the at Large seat).

The following candidates for Eden Prairie School Board have received Letters of Support from SD48 as well as support from local leaders like Councilman Ron Case:

Esra Riggs
Esra Riggs 
Esra Riggs — is an Associate Director of Controls and Risk Assessment at United Health Group with over 20 years of corporate and internal audit experience and an MBA with a finance concentration. She is also a mother of an 8-year- old in Eden Prairie schools who is very familiar with school programs and issues, volunteering in the classroom and library. Esra believes in a strong public school system that interacts and listens to parents and teachers and feels communication must be improved. She is behind a school system that serves all student’s needs, encourages diversity, is dedicated to closing learning gaps and that no child should be hungry at school. Esra and her husband feel that Eden Prairie can benefit from those who have seen other school systems.



Barbara West
Barbara West 
Barbara West — is a Presbyterian Pastor with a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Theological Studies and undergraduate degree in Business Management, spending 30+ years in the Corporate world. Barbara served on the Bloomington Youth Commission for 3 years and works with “at-risk” families in the Southwest Metro. Barbara believes Thomas Jefferson was right about public education being the cornerstone of Democracy and is for the “Designing Pathways” Program, hiring more teachers to reduce class size and ensuring all residents have a voice at the table. If elected she’d work to encourage more communication and voice for families and residents and investment in Eden Prairie schools as important to property values. Barbara raised 3 children and has experience with other school districts and wants youth to have a greater voice.


The following candidate for Eden Prairie School Board did not ask for SD48 support but shares our values and is also supported by Eden Prairie Councilman Ron Case:


Terri Swartout
Terri Swartout 
Terri Swartout — both of the candidates who received SD48 Letters of Support have met with her and believe she has a similar platform. Terri is a product of Eden Prairie schools and has three children currently in Eden Prairie Schools. She is a teacher with an MA in Teaching from St. Mary’s University, and a BS in Health Education/Community Education from St. Cloud State University. Terri is a School Health Coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Education. She is running to bridge health and education, advancing education equity and giving youth a greater voice, including ensuring decisions are “young people focused”.



Minnetonka City Council at Large — the following candidate has received a letter of Support from SD48 and the other Senate Districts in the Minnetonka District:


Deb Calvert
Deb Calvert 


Deb Calvert — Deb is a strategic planning veteran and advocates smart growth; meeting changing needs while protecting Minnetonka natural resources. Her priority is public safety and as the wife of a retired firefighter, has a deep regard for public servants and supports the collaborative approach our fire and police departments use to strengthen our community. Deb backs our city leadership in supporting the Southwest Light Rail project that will bring jobs to our area and attract younger residents as well as relieving traffic congestion. She will work for better options for Senior transit. Deb will make decisions based on facts, constituent input, and community needs. Among her many endorsements and supporters are former Minnetonka Mayor, Karen Anderson, Jan Calliston, Hennepin County Commissioner and former Minnetonka Mayor, Shep Harris, Golden Valley Mayor, Amy Klobuchar, Mn US Senator, Jake Spano, St. Louis Park Mayor and many past and present Minnetonka planning Commissioners, State Senators, and State Representatives serving Minnetonka.



P.S. Folks, the GOP usually raises much more money through the PCR than the DFL does. Let’s change that NOW. Please chip in now – we’re counting on you! You can donate in 2017 and again in 2018.

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Kevin Lindsey

Join your neighbors in Senate District 48 along with Senator Steve Cwodzinski and Representative Laurie Pryor for a town hall meeting on Saturday, November 11 from 10am until 11:30am. The meeting will be held in the Forum Room of Minnetonka High School.



Date: Saturday, November 11th, 2017
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Place: Minnetonka High School (map) ,18301 MN-7, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345

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