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Thank you for visiting our site. Senate District 48 DFL is made up of Southern Minnetonka and the majority of Eden Prairie. We bring together two vibrant communities with a diverse population. We believe it’s a great area to live and raise a family.

We also believe, as Sen. Wellstone said, “As free citizens in a political democracy we have a responsibility to be interested and involved in the affairs of the human community.” So, if you’re interested in learning more about what we believe in and are doing, please visit our site often.  If you’re interested in getting involved in helping to move our communities, state and country forward to a progressive future, please contact us. There are lots of ways you can get involved.  See you soon!

Here’s a question for you…

Under the guise of patriotism, the Tea Party, which if it ever seized power, its members just might settle the nation’s disagreements in a series of duels? Well, why not, they advocate for the most extremist views on guns despite the tragedies the U.S. has incurred without a strong national gun policy. We have Amber Alerts nation-wide to protect children, but the irony is our gun laws are a state-by-state proposition. The Amber Alert is so successful that perpetrators are apprehended within hours.

We seldom hear about Amber Alerts, but we hear a lot about the freedom to carry a weapon and the horrific reporting on events involving shooters. Based on this …

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This November: Eden Prairie School Referendums

EP District LogoDon’t have children in Eden Prairie’s schools?  So, why should you care about how our schools are doing?  Well, a level of excellence in public education means people want to move to Eden Prairie over other communities.  And, that means stronger property values.

So, Eden Prairie voters have the opportunity to vote on two referendum questions this November:

Question #1, Operating Levy — The district’s operating levy is expiring. That means all of the district’s operating funds from local taxes will disappear. What does that mean?  It means the district must cut $10 million next year.  That’s on top of the $17 million being cut over the last 10 years.  This amount is less than half of what the district proposed last year.

Question #2, Educational Investments — Builds on Question #1 with a proposal to increase the district’s operating levy by an additional $150 per pupil for the next ten years. For Question #2 to pass, Question #1 must also be approved.

What does this increase mean to the average homeowner?  $8 for Question #1 and $5 for Question #2 — that’s only $13 per month.  Can you take the family out for dinner on $30?

As Democrats, we believe in the importance of public education. After reviewing the information below, we ask you to support these questions by voting yes.

And, the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce has endorsed this referendum’s questions.

Here are some links to more information:

Eden Prairie District Webpage on the Referendum

Eden Prairie District Webpage on Referendum Questions and Answers

Eden Prairie Vote Yes Twice Website




Daily Brief: Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014

In the Know

Minnesota DFL
Sept. 16, 2014
Events today

  • 9:06 a.m. – Midterms near with Senate in play, MPR’s “Daily Circuit”

Mark your calendars and spread the word!
4 days until early voting beings Sept. 19
49 days until the Nov. 4 general election

Want to volunteer? Visit http://www.dfl.org/gotv/
2014 election
GOP’s top office hopefuls call for changeRed Wing Eagle
Minnesota joins multistate voter registration groupMinnPost
Minnesota Supreme Court
Minnesota Supreme Court candidate’s drunken driving trial beginsPioneer Press

Secretary of State
DFL candidate for secretary of state calls for more bipartisan approachesAlbert Lea Tribune
DFL releases first ad; hammers on GOP’s Johnson on educationStar Tribune


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Minnesota’s Economy is Improving

Looking at recent articles, we’ve seen some good information on the economic front:

Minnesota manufactures have reached 21 straight months of growth and the outlook for Minnesota’s job growth in general is upbeat.

Some of the business expansions happening across Minnesota are thanks to the economic development investments signed into law by Gov. Dayton in 2013. One of these tools is the “Minnesota Job Creation Fund.” Here are some numbers to know:

  • 17-to-1 return on investment– The $12 million allocated from the Job Creation Fund thus far have helped produce $224.5 million in private economic development – an 17-to-1 return on the state’s investment.
  • $24 Million – In 2013, Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature invested $24 million in the Minnesota Job Creation Fund – a pay-for-performance economic development incentive tool that helps companies expand and locate in Minnesota.
  • 20 Companies – Already, 20 companies have benefitted from the program, announcing plans to expand their operations around the state. More companies are expected to qualify for and benefit from the Job Creation Fund in the coming months.
  • 1,300 Jobs – Expansions announced already will create an expected 1,300 new jobs.

Additional economic development tools include:

  • Minnesota Investment Fund (MIF) – Gov. Dayton invested $30 million of ongoing funding in the Minnesota Investment Fund in 2013. This investment is expected to leverage over $600 million in additional private investment and help create 3,400 new jobs. MIF is an initiative that provides competitive loans to:
    • Help encourage local firms that have options outside the state to expand here.
    • Provide incentives for firms outside Minnesota to locate in our state.


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