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Rep. Selcer is progressive leader

This past legislative session has been one of the most productive in the history of Minnesota. Crucial bills have been passed, from the bonding bill that invest in Minnesota’s valuable infrastructure, to a minimum wage increase that will stimulate our economy, to the Safe and Supportive Schools Act that keeps kids safe in their classrooms.

One of the many DFL leaders to thank for contributing to this progress is Rep. Yvonne Selcer. She was the chief author of a bill that fully funds school lunches for low income students, ensuring that no student goes so hungry they cannot learn. Rep. Selcer also authored a provision in the Women’s Economic Security Act that gives millions in grants to women entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses, I encourage you to join me in re-electing Rep. Yvonne Selcer so that she can continue to be a progressive leader in our Legislature.

Norbert J. Gernes
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, June 26, 2014

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