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Vote Dawson, Howe-Pullis, Selcer, Sund

I’m supporting all for their dedication and desire to make sure all voices are heard, their willingness to cross party lines, and to serve the public with fairness and compassion. Amy Dawson’s incomparable legal experience runs the gamut from construction law to community advocacy, ensuring all children are not denied health care access because of their disabilities. Yvonne Selcer is a champion for women, educational reform, repealing business taxes for a more competitive Minnesota and safeguarding great care for the elderly and the disabled. As a former small business owner, volunteer in the ministry, and activist for Out-Front Minnesota, Joan Howe-Pullis understands the value of connectedness and how it translates into creating what she describes as a “peaceful, productive community” that can only be accomplished through “collaboration.” Sharon Sund is a wife, mother, small business owner and scientist, whose goals are the goals of the nation, to protect Social Security and Medicare, to create 21st-century jobs, invest in education, and “fight for fairness.”

There is a national consensus of support for advocacy on behalf of children, the elderly and disabled, pay equity and equality. All these women are in sync with a majority of Americans who want financial reforms, investment in transportation options and less polarization.

In the run-down of the 2014 Legislative session, Jenifer Loon voted for one outlier in an otherwise ensemble of all partisan nay votes. Likewise, her Republican counterpart in Congress, Erik Paulsen, is MIA when it comes to working for everyone’s best interests. Government for the few runs both their legislative priorities, as is the case with Selcer’s opponent, Kirk Stensrud, who hasn’t changed; he’s still a one-note guy working on behalf of businesses: this year it’s for builders against mandatory sprinklers in million dollar homes.

Vicki Pellar Price
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie Sun-Current, October 25, 2014

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Sund will represent ordinary citizens

Do you miss a fully functioning Congress yet?

Across America political campaigns are communicating their ideas for full employment, a balanced budget, an educated population, national security, reformed immigration policies, rebuilt infrastructure, a healthy population, solvent Social Security and Medicare and, in sadly far too few campaigns, climate change.

None of these or other important issues will be dealt with in Washington if citizens choose either not to vote, or not to do their homework on candidate positions and the impact those positions would have on “ordinary” citizens, or vote solely for incumbents without knowing their voting record, or not to ask where gridlock emerged.

In Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District, I have determined the best candidate is the Democrat, Sharon Sund. Sharon has a well-documented record of cooperation and flexibility to act on concerns and issues. As a member of our U.S. House of Representatives she would make determinations on behalf of all 3rd District residents, with an eye first toward what would most benefit ordinary citizens. Sharon will say “yes” to education, responsibly balancing the budget, affordable health care, ensuring Social Security and Medicare are solvent, protecting workers (employed and unemployed) and, most significant for me, addressing what I am convinced is the most urgent long-term issue facing our nation and the world, climate change.

Sharon is an exceptional “ordinary” gal who will work exceedingly hard to recover a functioning Congress in order to do what government can do best: serve the people.

Amelia Kroeger
Sun-Current, October 11, 2014




Your 2014 DFL Team and Other Races

 Yvonne Selcer for HD48A

Yvonne Selcer copy 2

Joan Howe-Pullis for HD48B

portrait (1)

Mark Dayton and Tina Smith
for Governor and Lt. Governor


Lori Swanson for Attorney General


Steve Simon for Secretary of State


Rebecca Otto for State Auditor


 Al Franken for U.S. Senate

Franken-071009-18449 0003

Sharon Sund for Congress


Mike Freeman for Hennepin County Attorney


Eddie Frizell for Hennepin County Sheriff


Eden Prairie City Council

These seats are non-partisan. No DFL party endorsement has been given.

Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens is running unopposed. We believe Ms. Tyra-Lukens has served the people of Eden Prairie well during her tenures as Mayor and deserves another term.

Council Members Kathy Nelson and Sherry Butcher-Wickstrom are running for re-election along with Andrew K. Moller. We believe Ms. Nelson and Ms. Butcher-Wickstrom have also served the people of Eden Prairie well during their terms. And, therefore, deserve another term.

Mr. Moller filed for office, but doesn’t seem to have a campaign website.

Judgeships on the Ballot

At this month’s Third Congressional District Central Committee meeting, many of the judge candidates spoke to the body. CD3 then compiled information from those discussions and researched candidates. We’re including information on those races in our area with more than one candidate.

Associate Justice — Supreme Court 2, John Hancock, Wilhelmina (Mimi) Wright — Judge Wright has a website with an extensive list of DFL supporters including Sharon Sayles-Belton and Karen Thissen.  There is no contact information nor website for her opponent.  http://wrightforjustice.com/

Associate Justice — Supreme Court 3, Michelle L. MacDonald, David Lillehaug —  Judge Lillehaug is a known in the Twin Cities.  Please peruse his list of supporters for your information.  If you wish to know about his opponent, please do an internet search with her name to find out about her.  http://www.justicelillehaug.org/supporters

4th District Court 16 — Bruce Michael Rivers, James A. Moore — Judge Moore did not attend, as he has signed the agreement with the Hennepin County Bar Association to not participate in any partisan activities.  His endorsement list is here for your information: http://www.judgejamesmoore.org/endorsements/. Bruce Rivers joined us and spoke about his experience as a criminal defense attorney.  He is running a grassroots campaign and does not have a campaign website.  He links to his personal law firm website for information:  http://www.riverslawyers.com/

4th District Court 43 — Paul Scoggin, Bridget Ann Sullivan — Both of these very engaging candidates joined us last evening and spoke about their backgrounds, personal views and experience that draws them to run for this open seat.  Paul Scoggin offers an impressive list of supporters for our information:  http://www.scogginforjudge.com/#!supporters/c11vk.  Bridget Ann Sullivan also offers an impressive list of supporters http://www.sullivanfor43.com/index.asp?SEC=EA964D88-8CE3-461C-9D27-72FEC4E3292F&Type=B_EV.  Both are passionate and dedicated to their craft of advocating for justice.

4th District Court 53, Bev Benson, Chris Ritts — We were joined by both candidates for this open seat.  They spoke about their backgrounds, cases they have tried and the passion that drew them to run for this seat.  Bev Benson lists many supporters that will give credence to her speech: http://bevbensonforjudge.com/index.asp?SEC=8A65E138-CA67-4B2A-8866-19EF5E058525&Type=B_BASIC  Chris Ritts has an informative website that covers his background.  http://rittsforjudge.com/

4th District Court 61, Amy Dawson, Bevery J. Aho — We were joined by Amy Dawson, who spoke about her passion, experience and personal drive to serve the needs of justice last evening.  Her list of supporters is as extensive as her passion: http://www.amydawsonforjudge.com/  Her opponent is a known GOP activist, GOP state delegate who raised funds for George W. Bush. There are numerous writings online from her if you need more information.

Please look into all these candidates, read about them and make your decisions. Then, call them for a lawn sign and share your information with your friends, neighbors and family. Judges decide many issues in our community and we need to do our due diligence to make property decisions to elect those who share our values.

You can check on the licensure and other basic information of lawyers here.

Sample Ballots

We were able to download sample ballots and mark our endorsed candidates on them. If you’d like to take a completed sample ballot with you when you go to the polls, just click the link for the area you live in.

House District 48A Living in Eden Prairie

House District 48A Living in Minnetonka

House District 48B 


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Matt Gieske, Rep. Yvonne Selcer (HD48A), Sharon Sund (CD3), Rep. Steve Simon (Sec. of State), Audrey Britton, Laurie McKendry (SD48), Joan Howe-Pullis (HD48B) and Lyndon Carlson

Matt Gieske, Rep. Yvonne Selcer (HD48A), Sharon Sund (CD3), Rep. Steve Simon (Sec. of State), Audrey Britton, Laurie McKendry (SD48), Joan Howe-Pullis (HD48B) and Lyndon Carlson

Members of the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Party marked 100 days until the Nov. 4 election with a weekend of volunteers taking action. DFL Chairman Ken Martin said over the weekend DFL elected officials, candidates, volunteers, and staff reached nearly 100,000 voters.

“The weekend’s pre-primary drive was unprecedented in Minnesota,” Martin said. “With so many boots on the ground, DFLers were able to reach out to voters not only about the upcoming primary and general elections, but about the new early voting options. This is a huge accomplishment.”

Official kickoffs for “100 Days of Action” were held with DFL leaders Sunday, July 27 at nearly 20 locations around the state. Martin appeared at the St. Paul “100 Days of Action” kickoff with State Auditor Rebecca Otto, Mayor Chris Coleman, and Gov. Mark Dayton.

“I can think of more than 100 reasons to make sure we re-elect Governor Dayton, Senator Franken and make sure we keep the majority in the Minnesota House,” Martin said. “We have to make sure we don’t take anything for granted because the stakes couldn’t be any higher.”

Martin talked about the progress made under DFL leadership in the past two years. There are more jobs than any other time in state history (160,000 jobs have been created since Gov. Dayton was elected); free all-day kindergarten will begin this fall; and Minnesota’s lowest-paid workers will receive a wage increase, impacting 137,000 children whose parents make minimum wage.

“We can make a difference in people’s lives,” Martin said, “let’s go out there and fight for that.” (more…)

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You 2014-100-Days-of-Action-Invitation-v3can participate in the state-wide event at the CD3 Coordinated Campaign Office located at 915 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN.

We’ve been told that Sharon Sund, CD3 Candidate and Rep. Steve Simon, Secretary of State Candidate, will be joining us.

Come get powered up and ready to win!

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