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Vice Chair Hoffa Awarded the Humphrey Award

The evening of June 7, 2015, State Vice Chair and Senate District 48 resident Marge Hoffa was awarded Hubert H. Humphrey Award for Leadership and Dedication. If you weren’t able to attend, here are some photos:


State Vice Chair Hoffa
and Skip Humphrey

Hoffa Humphrey Award

State Vice Chair Hoffa
accepting the
Humphrey Award

Want to see more of what happened? Here’s a link to the Minnesota DFL’s Flickr photostream from the event.

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SD48’s Own Marge Hoffa to Receive Humphrey Award

Hoffa to receive Hubert H. Humphrey Award for Dedication and Leadership to the Minnesota DFL

02.09.15.MargeHoffa-196x300Marge Hoffa, vice chair of the Minnesota DFL and a resident of Minnetonka, will receive the Hubert H. Humphrey Award for Dedication and Leadership to the Minnesota DFL at the 4th Annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner, June 6, at the Hilton Minneapolis.

Hoffa grew up in Minneapolis where there were a lot of Democrats. Married with children, the Hoffa family moved to Minnetonka.

“We moved out to Minnetonka and found out there weren’t many Democrats there,” she said, “so I decided it was time to change that.”

Hoffa started her political activism by attending her precinct caucus. There she met others who were interested in building up the DFL Party in their community. The group- Hoffa describes them as “very determined women – was very interested in education and became part of the Hopkin Legislative Action Coalition. This group included a number of future legislators.

“It’s pretty exciting to see the development of Democrats coming out and saying ‘yes, I’m a Democrat, we’re in this together and you are not alone,’” Hoffa said.

They knew changes on school funding issues needed to be made at the state level so they got behind Maria Ruud to run for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Ruud won her first race in 2004 by 207 votes and served until 2010.

Ruud said Hoffa has everything to do with her running for office and that Hoffa has helped a number of other candidates.

“What’d I’d say about Marge is that she sees the big picture and that she understands the strategy, that we need to have a majority in the House and Senate and that you need to expand beyond the City of


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Martin reelected as chairman of Minnesota DFL

img-DFLofficers-2015DFL Chairman Ken Martin was reelected to his third two-year term by a unanimous vote of the Minnesota DFL State Central Committee. The Committee took the vote at their Business Conference held Saturday, Feb. 7 in Monticello.

“I am very humbled by the vote and the confidence Party members have in my leadership,” Martin said. “It is truly one of the greatest honors of my life to be able to lead the Party.”

When Martin took office in 2011, he inherited a Party with a deep debt. After the bruising defeat in the 2010 election, morale was low and stakeholders had little confidence in the Party. Martin turned that around by raising record amounts of money that was used to retire debt and build a campaign infrastructure that could win.

Because of this work, the DFL had one of the most successful election cycles in Party history in 2012 – winning majorities back in both legislative chambers, taking back the seat in the 8th Congressional District and playing an instrumental role in defeating two divisive constitutional amendments. (more…)

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