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Winning Against the Oligarchs

diverse-handsOn March 28, 2015, David Cay Johnston with the National Memo posted an article with the above title. If you haven’t been paying attention to the latest elections — even state representative elections here in Minnesota — have been inundated with money from organizations like “Americans for Prosperity.  That Orwellian titled organization is funded by the Koch brothers.

With the increasing number of states facing voter suppression laws, it could be easy to become disillusioned and “check out” from the political process.  But, that just assures that the 1%ers will get exactly what they want.

The author goes on to state “All of this can be stopped.  All that is required is getting just a fraction of the 94 million adults who did not vote in 2012 to start casting ballots.”

Polls show that the people of this country don’t support the Kochs’ agenda.  But, to stop it from moving forward, those people have to engage and go to the polls on Election Day.

Here’s a link to the full article.

And, if you’re concerned about the direction this country is taking, and want to do what you can to avoid Minnesota become part of the conservative agenda problem, volunteer to help in the next election.  Political parties are volunteer organizations. We can’t do it without out.

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No Beefing Allowed

diverse-handsAlthough Minnesota and SD48 had higher voter turn out in 2014 than the country as a whole, it still wasn’t at a high enough rate to really shout about.

So, if you see things not going the way you’d like to see our country go (and that’s a strong possibility at the federal level than it’s been since the 1990s) and you were doing everything but voting last November.  Sorry, you chose not to participate. No beefing allowed.

You have to show up to make change happen.  You chose not to.  You can’t win a game if you don’t play.  You can’t learn a new skill unless you practice it.  You can’t elect people who support and will work toward your beliefs and values unless you vote to put them in office.

In the lead up to 2016, don’t make the same mistake. Get involved. The political process runs on the willingness of people who believe in the direction of the party they identify with to work to get their candidates elected.  Yep, it’s all individuals giving of what free time they have to make people’s lives better.

Want to make life better for you and your friends?  It’s like anything else.  Get involved, find out how you can help and then add your shoulder to the wheel of progress.

Here’s a link to where you can volunteer. We hope you’ll choose to engage, make change happen and move Eden Prairie and Minnetonka forward.

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Thank you volunteers!

DFLers –

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this election cycle. Our work began last year with the “Turn On the Off Year” program. This effort provided an opportunity for DFLers to step up and take a leadership role in engaging voters in the 2014 election.

This election cycle we had 33 offices across the state, the most effective get out the vote effort ever and armies of door knockers and callers.

We couldn’t have done all the work we did without you, our DFL volunteers and donors.

As we move forward I urge you to stay involved with your local DFL. In two years we’ll need to defend the DFL majority in the Minnesota Senate, retake the DFL majority in the Minnesota House and elect a Democratic president.

But after what I’ve seen this election year I know we can do it. I’ve never been more proud to be your DFL Chairman and I’ve never been so excited to see what our elected officials will accomplish for all Minnesotans.

Ken Martin
Chairman, Minnesota DFL

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Help Move Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and Minnesota Forward

We’re an all-volunteer organization. That means we can’t do it without your help. Whether you’ve got a couple of hours here and there or can make a long-term volunteer commitment, your help is appreciated.

Take a moment to review the form below, complete it including the areas you’re interested in helping, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Heres where we could use your help:
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