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Dayton’s transportation proposal is good news

A majority of Minnesota’s roads are more than 50 years old, and in the next three years 1 in 5 will pass its useful life. Forty percent of our bridges are 40 years old or older and in the next 10 years, most will be past their useful life.

Gov. Mark Dayton has a plan to fix Minnesota’s deteriorating roads and bridges. This is great news for drivers tired of dodging pot holes and feeling bridges shake beneath their cars and businesses that lose money when their shipments are stuck in traffic and products are late to market.

Gov. Dayton’s plan is good news for Eden Prairie. The governor’s proposal includes funding to upgrade the following bridges: Prairie Center Drive over 494; Highway 212 over Purgatory Creek; and Valley View Road over 494. The proposal also funds much-needed roadwork on Highway 7.

In contrast, the Republican majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives has floated a funding proposal that would fix approximately one bridge in the state, nowhere near the true need of repairs that need to be done.

I hope Sen. David Hann will support our communities and support Gov. Dayton’s plan.

Norbert Gernes
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, March 6, 2015

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