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Sen. Hann (48-R) Supports Trump

Earlier in July, CD3 resident Sen. David Hann (Eden Prairie-Minnetonka, SD48, R) spoke at an event on how he’s supporting Donald Trump and bi-partisanship. We have to say that for one of the architects of the State Government Shutdown of 2011 when Republicans controlled both the State House and State Senate, he really didn’t learn what bi-partisanship really is.

Please click the play icon. Sen. Hann begins his endorsement, etc. at around the 1:45 mark.

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Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie) and Sen. David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) will host a joint town hall meeting 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 23, at the Eden Prairie Library, 586 Prairie Center Drive.

The informal meeting will cover topics for the upcoming 2016 legislative session, including tax relief and the latest budget forecast, as well as give citizens a chance to share their input.

Please consider attending this town hall meeting to make our voices heard! It’s time to refocus the attention back to the issues that matter to our communities, not the corporate lobbyists and extremists that have hijacked the GOP of SD48 and CD3.

Contact: Rep. Loon at [email protected] or 651-296-7449, or contact Sen. Hann at [email protected] or 651-296-1749



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In an email sent yesterday David Hann expressed his support for Adam Seidel & Murshid Barud for Eden Prairie School Board:

Dear Friend,


I have received a number of messages asking my opinion of the candidates fortomorrow’s EP School Board election.  As a former school board member, I think those elected play a vital role in the governance of our schools.  Fortunately, I believe we have some good people who have decided to run this year.

There are two candidates I have known for some time, and for whom I intend to vote; Murshid Barud and Adam Seidel.  Murshid has been very active in local and state politics and was a strong support for me in my last election.  He is a Republican, and given the changing demographics in Eden Prairie, he would play an important role as a member of the Board.  Adam Seidel is also a Republican and has been politically active.  He will make a strong connection with many of the younger families who have moved into Eden Prairie in recent years.

Please join me in supporting these two candidates for Eden Prairie School Board.

Thank You,

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A lot of Republican elected officials are quick to cite percentages rather than dollars when talking about taxes and how those rich people are so put upon by the government.  Our own Sen. David Hann is one of those who’s fast to toss out percentages, hoping people won’t have the background to respond.

Well, we found a great video that debunks the above. We posted a link on social media yesterday, but felt on this Tax Day, it was important to get the truth out there. Please take the 3 minutes to watch this:

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Gender Wage Gap Realities

With April 14, 2015 being the day the average working woman has to work to in order to match the 2014 earnings of the average man, here’s a post from the Center for American Progress that explains the gap:

The Center for American Progress has multiple articles on this topic that can give you the info you need to combat your Republican uncle who only gets his talking points from Fox News. (That mindset is, unfortunately, the same as our State Senator, David Hann, who’s stated on the Senate Floor that there is no such thing as a wage gap and has also said that income inequality isn’t a bad thing.)

Here’s a link to a post to multiple articles on this real topic.

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