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Republican Recap: Legislative Edition

While DFLers legislators have been taking action this session to move Minnesota forward, Republican legislators have busied themselves with fear-mongering, name calling and attempting to obstruct DFL efforts to create opportunities for all Minnesotans.

Part 2 of the DFL’s “Republican Recap” series takes a look at Republican actions this session and is a stark reminder that although Republicans said they would rebrand, nothing has changed. They are still the same old Party, with the same bad ideas.

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Desperate Minnesota Republican Party turns to public for help

by Ken Martin, Chairman, Minnesota DFL

Yesterday the Minnesota Republican Party announced the establishment of their ‘Solution Center’ in an attempt to ‘bring together the best Republican ideas and legislative proposals, and communicate them to the public more effectively.’

At last they have finally admitted that they have been bankrupt on ideas and solutions that work, and now, ironically, they are turning to the public to have them help generate some ideas for the Republican Party.

If the Republicans were really interested in ideas from the public, they would have voted in favor of many of the DFL-led proposals which enjoy widespread support from a majority of Minnesotans. Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey declared his party to ‘have always been the party of ‘yes’’, but just this year Republicans voted no on ensuring safer schools, providing middle-class tax relief, and raising the minimum wage.

The last time the Republicans were in power their ideas included shutting down state government, borrowing billions of dollars from our schools, cutting local government aid and raising property taxes, balancing budgets through gimmicks, and putting two divisive constitutional amendments on the ballot. In 2012 these ‘ideas’ were soundly rejected by the voters in this state when they booted the Republicans from their majorities in the Minnesota Legislature.

The Minnesota Republican Party has been the party of no. No ideas, no solutions and no interest in governing on behalf of the Minnesotans looking for answers to the pressing needs of our state and country. Minnesotans can’t afford any more Republican ‘solutions’.

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Republican Recap: Gubernatorial Edition

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