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Billionaire Stanley Hubbard on Supporting the Koch Brothers’ Vision

photo from the StarTribune

photo from the StarTribune

Stanley Hubbard, a local billionaire and donor to most local Republican candidates, is also donating to dark money PACs including the Koch brothers’ Freedom Partners Action Fund.

Politico.com has the full story and is well worth the reading.  Some high points? Mr. Hubbard stating that the Koch brothers “should stand up for what you believe in and hope that others will follow, or they’ll at least talk to you about it.”

And, then there’s this:  “The Koch brothers are great Americans and they have demonstrated that over a period of time that they’re willing to do far more than most people are willing to do for their country in terms of political involvement and giving.”

Mr. Hubbard has made his millions from regular folks like us watching and listening to his media outlets. But, these comments make it seem like he’s long forgotten that. In planning your viewing and listening, you might want to pay attention to where your dial lands and where your time is spent. Your viewership and listenership is money in his pocket.  Money he’s using for his own political wellbeing, not our.

Here’s a link to the full article.

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