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Republican candidate Jeff Johnson reaches new level of dishonesty

Candidate needs to be truthful with Minnesotans on this record

Jeff Johnson, MPR Capitol View

Jeff Johnson, MPR Capitol View

Today DFL Chairman Ken Martin called on Jeff Johnson to stop lying about his record and be truthful with Minnesotans about his relationship with the Tea Party and his plans for Minnesota.

After assiduously courting the Tea Party for months by speaking at more than a dozen Tea Party meetings and events, promising to actively push their agenda and ‘go all Scott Walker’ on Minnesota, Johnson has been backpedaling for the last month on his relationship with the group.

Yesterday that backtracking turned into outright lying. When asked by a reporter about his Tea Party support Johnson said:

“I don’t know that… well I’m not a member, but I don’t know that you have membership, nor do they endorse by the way, I’ve been told that, nor have I asked for their endorsement.” [Tom Horner endorsement press conference, 9/9/14]

But the truth is that Johnson did ask for their endorsement back in April:

“I just ask that you give me a close look, because I think that I may be your guy, and I would be truly honored to earn your support and endorsement in this race.” [South Metro Tea Party, 4/22/14]

And in fact he did receive the endorsement of the president of the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance, Jack Rodgers.

“Whether one supports a particular group or not is a matter of personal preference,” Martin said. “But telling the truth and being honest with Minnesotans isn’t a matter of preference, it’s matter of whether or not you’re trustworthy and people can believe the things you tell them, and right now frankly Jeff Johnson has proven that he can’t be trusted. If he’s lying about this, what else is he lying about? Is he lying about not rolling back all day kindergarten? Is he lying about not cutting education funding?

Martin added:

“There are less than two months left in this campaign and Minnesotans still don’t know much about Jeff Johnson, and what they do know is very troubling.”

Neither is his denial about asking for an endorsement from the Tea Party his only offense against the truth. Last month when asked he denied being a Tea Party member, even though he showed that he clearly considers himself one of them when he said:

“There is this perception that the media has created that Tea Parties are kind of wacko, and we are not. And I say ‘we’, and I proudly say ‘we’.” [South Metro Tea Party, 4/22/14]

Until Jeff Johnson comes clean with voters and treats Minnesotans with the candor they expect in their public officials, everything he says should be considered suspect.

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Poll reveals McFadden’s buy-the-election tactics leave him trailing among voters

As first reported by the Huffington Post today, Minnesota Tea Party leaders are fighting back against attempts by investment banker Mike McFadden’s campaign to silence them — taking McFadden to task at local Tea Party meetings and online for “dodging” their events and lying to them, and claiming the campaign and his allies are “stringing” them along.

Tonight‘s Minnesota Tea Party Alliance’s event with extremist Joe Arpaio will undoubtedly give activists another opportunity to air their frustration with McFadden.

In video footage just released today, Minnesota Tea Party Alliance leaders — Jake Duesenberg and Jack Rogers — rail against the investment banker at a North Metro Tea Party meeting last month:

ROGERS: Mike McFadden doesn’t have the time to come and speak to any one of the seven groups or any of the rallies?  What will you tell him at endorsement time?  Go! To!…


Here’s the video:

A recently discovered podcast — “Taking the Gloves Off” — from the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance also reveals the extent to which the McFadden campaign has allegedly lied to and tried to silence the Tea Party. When the Tea Party spoke out on the investment banker’s repeated absence, the McFadden campaign tried to silence them.

DUESENBERG: So I hit up social media and I said Mike McFadden is dodging the Tea Party — he has no interest.  And so, all of a sudden, I started getting some phone calls and emails and it was both his campaign and people who I think are sympathetic to his campaign saying that, ‘he’s not dodging you guys, basically Jake you’re an idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Yeah right. Okay listen. I’ve been in this game long enough to know when I am being manipulated, when I am being deceived by people.

DUESENBERG: Despite what his campaign wants me to do, I’m not going to shut up about this.

ROGERS: It appears he’s putting in time in DC but not in Minnesota and it’s frightening.

The two Tea Party leaders also highlight that McFadden thinks this election can be bought and won with money and not by gaining grassroots support from conservative activists:

DUESENBERG: So, he’s dodging the conservative activists, the Tea Partiers. He is. I don’t know if he is afraid to come talk to us, if he doesn’t feel secure in his viewpoints? Or he’s just listened to his handlers, his advisors.

ROGERS: I’m saying he’s listening to the money.

McFadden’s buy-the-election tactics are clearly taking a toll on his campaign as a new poll revealed him trailing significantly behind tea party favorite, state Sen. Julianne Ortman. According to the GOP pollster that conducted the poll “McFadden has to do more than increase his name recognition to win: Among engaged voters who have heard of both Ortman and McFadden, Ortman leads 30 percent to 11 percent.”

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