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Republicans’ Actions Speak Louder than Words 3

Republicans are leaving Greater Minnesota behind (after campaigning that they’d be their champions in the Legislature in 2014):

Ignoring broadband infrastructure and job creation: Republicans don’t come close to meeting the funding need for statewide broadband infrastructure, and they cut the Job Creation Fund and Minnesota Investment Fund – two critical tools that small businesses in Greater Minnesota use to expand and create jobs.

Shortchanging Greater Minnesota schools: The Republican plan will not narrow the funding gap between metro and rural schools, and would force teacher layoffs in Greater Minnesota districts across the state.

Throwing working Minnesotans off healthcare: Republicans want to dismantle MinnesotaCare, which helps working Minnesotans afford health care coverage. This cut disproportionately target Greater Minnesota.

Ignoring oil train safety: Republicans have next to nothing in their budget on oil train safety and they’ve blocked a plan offered by Democrats to ask railroad companies to pitch in to keep communities safe.

Neglecting property tax relief for homeowners or renters: Republicans are cutting property taxes for corporations and businesses, but provide no property tax refunds or relief to homeowners or renters.

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