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What You Won’t Hear From McFadden

Peter Bartz-Gallagher, Politics in Minnesota

Photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher, Politics in Minnesota

Tomorrow morning embattled Republican Senate candidate, investment banker Mike McFadden, will serve as a spokesperson for the Washington GOP establishment as he delivers the response to President Obama’s weekly address.

McFadden is the Beltway candidate. He was handpicked by Washington lobbyist Norm Coleman and has the support of Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell and even Michele Bachmann.

You’re probably going to hear a lot of the same poll-tested NRSC talking points and tired rhetoric that you’ve heard from every other Republican running for office this cycle. Here’s what you won’t here:

McFadden Supports Chinese Steel Over American Jobs

Investment banker Mike McFadden is currently under fire for his support of Chinese steel over American jobs. In one of the most telling moments of his entire campaign this week, McFadden declared that he would prefer to build the entire Keystone XL pipeline out of Chinese steel — not American-made steel — if it were cheaper, placing a higher value on being “cost competitive” to bolster big corporations’ profits than creating American jobs.

During a tense back and forth with reporters, McFadden was asked if he would prefer using Chinese steel if it were cheaper for the corporations building the pipeline . McFadden said “yes” and later even had the nerve to minimize the importance of the issue, telling reporters “I think we’re going off on a tangent right now.” Watch the video here:

Craig Olson, President of the Duluth Building and Construction Trades Council, put it best when he said, “Investment banker Mike McFadden would take one of the largest energy projects since the Hoover Dam and stamp ‘Made in China’ on it. McFadden should be creating jobs in Minnesota and the U.S., not in China.”

McFadden Wants To Put Bosses In Charge of Women’s Health Care

Investment banker Mike McFadden refused to comment on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling for days, claiming contraception was neither a health care nor economic issue for women and therefore did not merit a response. Only after being pressed by reporters did McFadden finally say he was in favor of letting bosses deny their female employees access to contraception.

McFadden Opposes Equal Pay Law For Women

Investment banker Mike McFadden opposed a new law that would ensure women get equal pay for equal work. When asked whether he would have voted to block debate in the Senate over the Paycheck Fairness Act, McFadden called it “an election year trick.”

McFadden Would Eliminate The Federal Minimum Wage

Investment banker Mike McFadden not only opposes increasing the federal minimum wage but he would do away with it altogether. McFadden has repeatedly told Minnesotans he would eliminate the federal minimum wage, saying “there shouldn’t be a single federal wage” and that it “doesn’t make sense,” even though it would bring 4.6 million people out of poverty, and almost half a million Minnesotans would get a raise.

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