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Why Courts Matter

{16293ff3-73ac-4f95-b25b-056dc0fe5de6}_ext_rpt_c3e_20150413_why-courts-matter_grp-2Michele L. Jawando and Sean Wright with the Center for American Progress posted an article with the above title on April 13, 2015. Here’s what they had to say:

“U.S. federal courts ensure equality, defend civil rights, protect the environment, affect the health of America’s democracy, and keep the nation safe. Although most Americans are familiar with the lifetime appointment of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, many are surprised to learn that more than 900 judges have lifetime appointments to serve on lower federal courts, where they hear many more cases than their counterparts on the Supreme Court. That is why, along with the Supreme Court’s justices, the judges who sit on the nation’s federal district and circuit courts are so important.

Recently, politics has played a big role in the pace at which judicial nominees are confirmed. Many Senate Republicans have obstructed the president’s judicial nominees because they know the dramatic impact the judiciary can have on policies, including marriage equality and reproductive choice. Through its review of how the federal courts affect three specific policy issues — gun violence, money in politics, and voting rights — this issue brief shines a light on how important the federal courts are for the progressive community.

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