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Representative Laurie Pryor’s discussion with The Uptake’s Mike McIntee is featured on the new edition of Democratic Visions.  Laurie talks about the current legislative session and bills dealing with gun violence and sexual harassment.  Also featured are North Branch Mayor Kirsten Kennedy and DFL 48A resident, Ahmed Tharwat.  Kennedy is seeking DFL endorsement for her bid to become represent Congressional District 8 in Washington.


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What Does It Mean To Be A Democrat?



Voter Protection or Voter Suppression?

This video looks at the voter protection bills that have been proposed in over 40 states and on the ballot in MN this November. On the surface these laws seem logical, but as we dig into the reasoning and people who created them, we see that they are being pushed in the name of voter suppression.

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5 Minutes with Yvonne Selcer



Steve Simon: MN Voter ID Amendment EXPOSED

State Representative Steve Simon and Democratic Visions host Tim O’Brien expose the threat to Minnesotans posed by the Voter ID Amendment. Simon strongly urges Minnesotans to vote the proposed State constitutional amendment down in November.

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