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Sen. Hann (48-R) Supports Trump

Earlier in July, CD3 resident Sen. David Hann (Eden Prairie-Minnetonka, SD48, R) spoke at an event on how he’s supporting Donald Trump and bi-partisanship. We have to say that for one of the architects of the State Government Shutdown of 2011 when Republicans controlled both the State House and State Senate, he really didn’t learn what bi-partisanship really is.

Please click the play icon. Sen. Hann begins his endorsement, etc. at around the 1:45 mark.

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February, 2014, TwinWest Legislative Breakfast

koch conferenceOn December 14, 2011, a group of senators (then in the majority) confronted Amy Koch about her affair with Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb insisting she step down from leadership. This was followed by having the Senate Chief of Staff fire Brodkorb.

While the firing was taking place, Sens. Hann Michel, Gerlach and Robling held a press conference announcing the relationship with a staffer.


Mr. Brodkorb is reported as saying, “Sen. Hann communicated, ‘You will resign from leadership, Ludeman will fire Brodkorb, or we will tell the entire caucus.’ It was an attempt to take over the Senate leadership.”

Seven months later, Mr. Brodkorb filed a lawsuit against the Senate. The suit was settled in September of this year. Here’s the financial fall out:

Mr. Brodkorb received $30,000. This month, the Minnesota Senate approved the final legal bill. The final cost will be over $400,000.

So much for fiscal responsibility.

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David Hann on Women’s Earning Gap-Absurd, Illogical and Irrational

Back on May 17, 2007, our State Senator, David Hann, stood on the Senate floor during a discussion of SF1061 to ask if the bill was presented seriously. He stated he didn’t believe in the gender earning gap. And, that he believes that if there is wage disparity, it is because “women have children.” He also stated that if unmarried men’s and women’s income is compared, there is no disparity. He made this statement on Gender Equity Day, the day a typical woman has to work to in order to make an equal amount with a man.

Here are several websites for more facts about women’s earnings compared to mens:

American Association of University Women

Digital Commons @ Bryant University

Seems pretty factual to us, but that didn’t seem to impact our State Senator.


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