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Adult Depression Linked to Childhood Bullying

Karen Kaplan with the Los Angeles Times, reprinted in the June 4, 2015, Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on a recent study that “nearly 30 percent of cases of depression among adults” can be traced by to bullying during childhood.

So, thanks again to the House and Senate DFL Caucuses for their work to pass the Safe and Supportive Schools act.

And, when it comes to the 2016 election, remember that our House District 48B Representative, Jenifer Loon, and Senate District 48 Senator David Hann both voted against this bill.

Here’s a link to the above article.


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Vote Joan Howe-Pullis in 48B

Equal pay for equal work is a common-sense theme. A woman not getting paid equal to a man for doing the same work is a form of discrimination against women. To work against all forms of discrimination, we need effective public policy that empowers each one of us to contribute to a healthy, equitable and prosperous community. Joan’s opponent has voted against equal pay for women and is pushing the Republican conservative agenda. Joan Howe-Pullis is committed to growing economic opportunity for all.

Bullying has no place in any school. Joan Howe-Pullis worked hard to get the anti-bullying bill passed last session. But Joan’s opponent voted against establishing sound bullying policies for schools.

President Obama and Gov. Dayton are working to strengthen the middle class by raising the minimum wage. It is imperative that we strengthen the middle class to build a prosperous community around us. Joan’s opponent has voted against raising the minimum wage. We need a progressive voice that harnesses the strength of our diversity to enhance the prosperity and quality of life for all who live here. We need to support Joan Howe-Pullis in the coming election to provide that progressive voice.

Establishment of the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange is an important step of the Affordable Care Act and has provided affordable health care to thousands in our state. Joan’s opponent voted against establishing the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange. This is yet another example of pushing the Republican conservative agenda at our state level. We all need a progressive candidate  who will advance collaborative and productive problem solving at the State Capitol.

I urge the people of Eden Prairie to vote for Joan Howe-Pullis in the coming election to provide a progressive voice in the State Capitol.

Latha Iyer
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, October 9, 2014

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Welcoming the 2014-15 school year with a commitment to education

SchoolThe start of a new school year offers an opportunity to review the historic investments DFL leaders have made in our students and their future.

“After Republicans borrowed money from our schools to balance their state budget, Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL leaders have the state back on track,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “They made reinvesting in our schools, supporting our students and teachers and ensuring all children have access to a world-class education a top priority. The result was a historic investment in our children’s education.”

In addition to repaying the $2.8 billion the Republicans borrowed from our schools, Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators have provided:

  • All-day Kindergarten – This fall, every Minnesota student has access, free of charge. Previously, some families were paying as much as $2,500 to $3,000 to send their kids to all-day Kindergarten programs.
  • More funding for every school – A goal when he took office, Gov. Dayton increased the school funding formula by $371 million since 2011, providing more funding for every school in the state. These new funds, along with hundreds of millions of dollars in other new E-12 investments, have totaled $895 million since 2011.
  • Early learning scholarships – Nearly $50 million in early learning scholarships that will help 9,000 low- and middle-income students attend quality child care and preschool programs statewide.
  • Special education reform – These reforms will provide better support for special education teachers, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and create an online system to better-track student data to help kids succeed.
  • School nutrition – By investing in school nutrition programs, schools that provide breakfast will be able to offer free breakfast for all Kindergartners. In addition, no child will be denied a healthy lunch in school.
  • Better reading – A $157 million investment will help ensure all Minnesota students are reading well by 3rd grade.
  • English Language Learning (ELL) – An ELL programs investment provides school districts the flexibility and funding to help every child prepare for success in school.
  • Teacher and principal evaluations – New teacher and principal evaluation systems will provide ongoing feedback and professional support to educators to ensure that Minnesota has great teachers in every classroom and great leaders in every school.
  • Safe and Supportive Schools Act –The Safe and Supportive Schools Act provides local districts the guidance, support and flexibility to adopt clear and enforceable school policies to help protect all children from bullying, and to reinforce the principles of tolerance and respect in our schools.

A quick look shows us:

  • $895 million:  With the support of DFL legislators, Gov. Dayton has invested $895 million in E-12 education since 2011
  • $2.8 billion:  $2.8 billion previously borrowed from our schools has been repaid in full
  • 9,000:  9,000 young learners will go to preschool thanks to Early Learning Scholarships

“These are amazing accomplishments, but more work remains to be done,” Martin said. “We know for a fact that an educated workforce attracts and retains business in Minnesota, helps the state recover more quickly than others from an economic down turn and is the backbone of a strong middle class.

“Voters have a clear choice in this fall’s election: vote for DFL leaders who’ve made great strides in moving our education system forward or vote for Republican candidates who think nothing of borrowing from our students. I trust Minnesota voters will make an educated decision.”

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Minnesota Doing Better to Support Equality and Opportunity

Thanks to Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders, we’ve got a stronger environment of equality for all of us, not just those who can buy it:

  • Marriage equality
  • The Women’s Economic Security Act
  • A $9.50 minimum wage, indexed to inflation
  • Strong anti-bullying legislation

In our eyes, that’s truly doing unto others as you’d like done unto you.


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