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House GOP MinnesotaCare Language

Medical CareWe’ve done posts on the GOP’s use of language and how you need to check to see what’s really happening (it’s usually the opposite of what they’re saying, by the by).

In their floor speeches, etc. about this program, they’ve been relying on two key talking points (what public speakers call their main points). They’re calling this program “unsustainable” and “duplicative.”

When they call MinnesotaCare “unsustainable”, they’re implying that federal funding will be going away because Minnesota is the only state that has a Basic Healthcare Plan.

What’s the truth? (more…)

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When Sen. Hann Speaks, Check the Facts

DavidHann2013LegPreviewPresser640-300x187Our current SD48 Senator and friends held a presser before the April 10 State of the State Address announcing a new “Family Surplus” tax cut. We know whenever we read and hear Republican Orwellian language, it’s important to check the facts.

During his remarks about how awful things have been under Democratic control. We’ve done multiple posts about how Minnesota has outperformed our neighbor to the East, which has been under the kind of Republican control Sen. Hann wants to impose.

But, back to this new tax cut bill.  Once again, it’s a percentage across the board on income taxes. Why is that an issue? It benefits those at the top yet again. The Uptake has done a great post on this that includes the video of the conference. Here’s their findings:

  • only the progressive (affecting those who are more well off) income tax is included
  • someone making $50,000 annually would save $250
  • someone making $500,000 annually would save $2,500
  • the top 1% of the economy has enjoyed substantially more robust economic recovery from the Republican Great Recession than the 99% of the economy
  • more regressive taxes (affecting those who aren’t as well off) like property taxes and sales taxes are, for some reason, not included in the bill he’s carrying

Why are we pointing this out?   The Minnesota Tax incidence Study shows the poor and middle class pay 29.9% of their income in state taxes.  The highest income bracket?  Those folks pay 9.6% of their income.  That’s why Sen. Hann always wants to talk percentages and not real money.

You can see the full post here.


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Reality and Mitch McConnell’s Orwellian Speak

1-george-orwell-6-e1376600911912Haven’t heard of Orwellian language or Orwellian Speak before? It harks back to George Orwell’s (author of 1984) 1946 article titled “Politics and the English Language.”  The article discusses how political words were used “in a consciously dishonest way” for that user’s private definition. (Remember the “Blue Sky” legislation during Bush II’s administration that actually cut environmental protection efforts for air quality?)

We’re seeing that with incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who with a whopping 2 days under his belt as leader is trying to rewrite recent history. The last time his party had control and left office, they handed the incoming administration an economy about to collapse into something worse than the Great Depression. That was prevented by strong action by the Democratic Congress and President Obama.  There were still major efforts needed to right the ship after the damage done during the Bush years (2 unfunded wars, major tax cuts for the wealthy).

Here’s what we’ve seen happen under President Obama. Our country has had:

  • 57 straight months of private sector job growth adding nearly 11 million jobs
  • an amazing 3rd quarter, 2014 GDP increase of 5%
  • gas prices heading to their lowest levels in 11 years, saving the average American family $550 this year
  • November, 2014, had the highest single-month job growth in 3 years
  • the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 — before Pres. Obama took office

So much for Speaker McConnell’s statement that “the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama administration.”

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