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Minnesota needs a fair and balanced budget 

This is the last full week of the regular 2015 Legislative Session. While Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL legislators are working to build a better Minnesota for all Minnesotans with the state’s $2 billion budget surplus, House GOP want $4 billion in permanent tax giveaways for corporations and special interests, to kick 90,000 working families off health care, to cut job creation programs, and shortchange our children’s futures.

Taxes – $1.7 billion gap

Gov. Dayton’s budget proposal would expand the Working Family Tax Credit to more than 287,000 middle class families, expand the K-12 Education Tax Credits to 16,800 more middle class families, and expand the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit to 130,000 Minnesota families. Altogether, under the Governor’s proposal over 350,000 Minnesota families would see a reduction in their taxes. 

By contrast, the House GOP proposal would: 

  • Cut taxes by $1.9 billion this biennium
  • Give over $4 billion in permanent tax giveaways to corporations and special interests, when fully phased-in
  • Protect and maintain corporate tax loopholes
  • Deny 257,000 middle class families additional tax relief
  • Give permanent tax giveaways to the wealthy by cutting the Estate Tax for the wealthy
  • Give property tax giveaways to railroads hauling crude oil and other flammable loads while protect them from paying new assessments that would help pay for essential railway safety improvements statewide
  • Cut tens of millions of dollars from Local Government Aid specifically for Duluth, St. Paul, and Minneapolis 


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