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Rep. Selcer’s June 3, 2015 Legislative Update

Yvonne SelcerDear Friends,

Special Session

Unfortunately, legislative leaders and Governor Dayton were not able to reach a budget compromise on time and there will be a special session. Currently, legislative leaders Daudt and Bakk are meeting with the Governor to negotiate a final agreement. I am extremely disappointed that the legislature did not finish on time. I am hopeful that a bipartisan agreement is struck soon so that a brief special session may take place to resolve any unfinished business.

During the special session, I will not be taking per diem and I will urge my colleagues to follow suit. The people of Minnesota expect the legislature to finish its work on time and with a $2 billion surplus, there is little reason to need a special session.

Vacancies in State Boards, Councils & Committees

I want to pass along information on vacancies in State Boards, Councils & Committees that I recently received from the Secretary of State’s office. These are great avenues for citizen involvement in our government and I encourage you to get involved! (more…)

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Rep. Selcer Legislative Update May 5, 2015

Dear Neighbor,

I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend.  Before taking the weekend break, we continued to hear important omnibus bills here at the Capitol, including the tax and legacy funding bills, which are summarized for you below.

Omnibus Tax Bill

Recently, the House voted on the Majority tax bill, which funds the priorities of our state. The proposal included permanent tax breaks for the owners of the largest corporations and businesses in Minnesota—many of whom don’t live in the state. To read the recent StarTribune article on out of state and country interests who would benefit from these tax breaks, click here.

The tax relief in the bill provided to working Minnesotans is temporary, and would only amount to about $50-70 per (more…)

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