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State Democratic Parties Respond to Jeb Bush’s Announcement


This week, state Democratic parties responded to Jeb Bush’s presidential announcement. Here’s what they had to say:

“Iowa Democrats fight every day to ensure our country is an inclusive place, accepting of all backgrounds and families, where everyone can have access to the ladder of economic opportunity. But Bush’s policies as Governor of Florida and his campaign rhetoric leading up to this announcement give us a clear preview of who Bush would fight for: people like himself, not working Iowans.” – Andy Mcguire, Iowa Democratic Party

“From the middle class to seniors, from women to the LGBT community, Bush’s record of exclusion is nothing but a page from the failed Republican policies of the past. While Bush lays out his backwards and failed policies today, just remember all those he’s left behind.” – Lizzy Price, New Hampshire Democratic Party

“We know what to expect from Jeb Bush because we’ve seen it before – policies that wreck the economy, giving massive breaks to the wealthy and corporations while leaving the rest of the country behind, A third Bush presidency would marginalize so many hard-working Virginians, from single mothers to public school children and LGBT people. Jeb has consistently put himself and people like him over everyday Americans, which Virginia just can’t afford.” – Morgan Finkelstein, Democratic Party of Virginia


“Texas and the rest of the country are still suffering from George W. Bush’s failed economic policies. Jeb Bush is no different than his brother. He opposes policies that help level the playing field for our middle class families. Texas needs a president that will help all Texans and all Americans receive a living wage and have access to affordable health care. Texans deserve a candidate that will champion a strong middle class, quality health care, and smart investments in our children’s future. Jeb Bush is not that candidate.” – Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democrats

“His views are vastly out-of-touch with mainstream America and Mainers who believe in equality and empowering all women and families. His policy beliefs aren’t much better. He’s actually endorsed budgets and policies that would slash early childhood education programs, college affordability and Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Bush’s agenda would be disastrous for hard working Maine families, students and seniors.” – Phil Barlett, Maine Democratic Party

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What you won’t see on Jeb Bush’s new website or read in his e-book

Jeb-Bush-CPACWhat’s actually included in Jeb Bush’s new e-book and on his new website reveals less about what another Bush presidency would look like than what it omits. Bush is pushing such bold platitudes as our need to “protect our shores” and be “a force of good not bad.” But he’s leaving out his real record of leadership as governor, which more closely resembles the backward policy goals of Mitt Romney than a bold reformer willing to move our country forward.

Fighting for the wealthy’ s ‘right to rise’ – Jeb Bush consistently cut taxes for the wealthiest Floridians and big business, including the wealth tax on financial instruments, like stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and estate taxes. He supported his brother’s Bush tax cuts, which largely benefited the wealthy and Wall Street investors, and he continues to support eliminating the capital gains tax – which has been called one of the top five tax breaks for the rich.

Income inequality – In Florida, it got worse under Jeb Bush’s governorship, with the average income of the richest 5 percent of Florida families increasing by more than 22 percent, while the average income of the poorest fifth of Florida families barely changed.

Education – Jeb Bush supported a change to school funding formula that slashed millions from large urban school districts, consistently proposed hiking college tuition, oversaw a nearly 50 percent rise in average in-state tuition for the state university system that amounted to more than $1,000 per student, and proposed millions of dollars in cuts to university funding.

Health care – Jeb Bush directed the legislature to overhaul the state’s children’s health insurance program, which eliminated health care coverage for thousands of Florida children, and Bush supports the Ryan budget which would end Medicare as we know it and increase out-of-pocket health care costs for seniors.

Below is a statement from DNC spokesperson Ian Sams on Jeb Bush’s website and e-book:

“Jeb Bush’s record as Florida’s governor reads like the track listing on the greatest hits of failed Republican ideas that line the pockets of the wealthy and big corporations at the expense of working families. Jeb’s attempt to rebrand himself as a champion for middle class opportunity is as laughable as the idea of Mitt Romney as an anti-poverty crusader. Bush has spent his entire career fighting for a right to rise for the select few at the


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