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Adult Depression Linked to Childhood Bullying

Karen Kaplan with the Los Angeles Times, reprinted in the June 4, 2015, Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on a recent study that “nearly 30 percent of cases of depression among adults” can be traced by to bullying during childhood.

So, thanks again to the House and Senate DFL Caucuses for their work to pass the Safe and Supportive Schools act.

And, when it comes to the 2016 election, remember that our House District 48B Representative, Jenifer Loon, and Senate District 48 Senator David Hann both voted against this bill.

Here’s a link to the above article.


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Minnesota House GOP on spending: Say one thing, do another

Setting the spending limit for the House budget at $39.3 billion provided Republicans the opportunity to match their actions with their words. But on a party-line vote of 70 to 57, Republicans blocked the rule, voting to send the amendment to the House Rules Committee.

The House DFL Caucus has released the video above calling attention to the fact that the new Republican Majority is doing one thing, and saying another.

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