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Questions Stensrud

Stensrud-12-09Shouldn’t an individual running for office stick to the facts? Shouldn’t our politicians be held to the same standard as our commercial advertisers are?  Two years ago, when Mr. Stensrud was running for re-election, he deceptively used the city of Eden Prairie’s logo and Hennepin County logo in his literature. This error may seem insignificant, but contrast with what would happen if Best Buy used Supervalu’s logo in their ads. The city of Eden Prairie and Hennepin County sent Mr. Stensrud a letter requesting that he immediately stop the use of their logos.

Mr. Stensrud is at it again. His campaign literature falsely claims the Senate Office Building “includes everything from reflecting pools to a workout facility.” This statement is not true. The DFL has requested mr. Stensrud immediately cease the dissemination of this falsehood.

Is simply stopping what you are doing really enough? The falsehood is out there:  the damage is done. Mr. Stensrud should instead make it right. Send out another paid political advertisement to correct your error. That way the people who received this false information will be informed of the truth. Isn’t this what manufacturers who use false statements against their competition must do? If politicians were forced to correct false statements, false statements would be less likely to happen.

People are very cynical about politics for just this reason. Most people don’t know what is truth and what is false, in what a politician says and it’s people like Mr. Stensrud who are turning people off. Mr. Stensrud clean up your act. Send a letter apologizing for your behavior.

John Mallo
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, August 14, 2014

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Is David Hann’s Nose Growing?

Aaron Rupar has a post that went upon May 19, 2014, on the CityPages site calling out the false claim our Senate Minority Leader and SD48 Senator David Hann made to criticize MNsure.

What did our senator, who we’ve known to take some liberties with the truth including his employment in the insurance industry, say? Here are quotes from the article above:

“So as legislators pivot from the just-completed legislative session to campaign season, Hann said this morning that ‘of all the things that we did though this year, the one glaring omission is that we did nothing with health care.’

‘And, everyone knows that this health care system that was put in place last year hasn’t really worked out that well,’ Hann said. ‘$160 million in cost. The result:  about 240,000 Minnesotans having to lose their health care, go out and try to find replacement health care.’

‘ We’ve seen increased pressure in the private markets for growing premiums, and to date we do not know of any instance where someone who wasn’t insured before is now insured,’ he said.  (The emphasis is CityPages’.) ‘There has to be some serious reexamination of this way of solving or dealing with health care.'”

Mr. Rupar did a quick check, about 5 minutes, to prove Sen. Hann’s statement false. Here’s a link to the complete article.

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