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Why did the ECM board endorse Paulsen?

There is hardly any reason to doubt that the ECM Publishers Editorial Board has the best intentions when endorsing candidates for office (“Why endorse?  Newspapers have unique access to candidates for an insider’s perspective,” Nov. 13).

I could not agree more that constituents need to be accurately informed about a candidate’s votes and positions at least on key issues.

Having said that, I took exception to the board’s endorsement of Erik Paulsen for Congress in Congressional District 3.

He voted for the largest non-defense spending cut in American history in 2011 and always wants to reign in wasteful spending. Yet, Paulsen is against reducing our  bloated military budget containing numerous wasteful items.  Much of this money could be used to support homeless veterans, which comprise one-third of all homeless in America.

Earlier this year, he voted to gut the nation’s hazardous waste regulations and is against federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions but for offshore drilling.

Regarding health care, Paulsen distorted and misrepresented outcomes of a public option while voting for Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget destroying Medicare and for repealing the Affordable Care Act.

He has voted for dramatic cuts to domestic and international family planning, against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act in 2012 and against fair pay for women.

While the nation grapples with gun violence, he has refused to make his position known on restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns as he is endorsed by the NRA.

Finally, given the low voter turnout, the congressman has yet to state what, if anything, he specifically has done to help prevent unconstitutional, discriminatory practices disenfranchising voters throughout the country.

With all due respect and in light of the above, it seems to me that Sun Current readers deserve further clarification of the board’s endorsement of Congressman Paulsen.

Richard Laybourn
Bloomington Sun-Current, November 19, 2014

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Is Paulsen’s mantra of taxes are bad true?

MoneyCongressperson and SD48 resident Erik Paulsen has published much about the state’s medical device tax. Here’s a quote from this morning’s (11/18/14) Morning Take:

MEDTRONIC: via Reuters, VERBATIM: “Medtronic Inc reported a quarterly profit that was in line with analyst expectations, boosted by sales of new heart devices, and said its $42.9 billion acquisition of hospital products maker Covidien Plc remains on track to close early next year….Second-quarter revenue rose 4 percent to $4.37 billion, propelled by newly launched products, including an implanted diagnostic monitor for the heart called Reveal and its CoreValve replacement heart valve that can be implanted in a less-invasive procedure than traditional open-heart surgery.”  READhttp://yhoo.it/1xjaL1H

So much for corporate welfare.  ‘Nuff said.

(Color highlighting done by us.)

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erik-paulsenAs House Republicans shamelessly try to score political points over the crisis in veterans care, Congressman  Erik Paulsen’s votes tell the true story of his record: when he had a chance to fix this problem, he voted against the fixes.

“It’s a shame that when Congressman Paulsen had a chance to do something to help shorten the wait time at the VA he voted no,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Congressman Paulsen voted against a commonsense solution to this problem and our heroes deserve better.”


Voted to Block the Veterans Backlog Reduction Act. In 2013, Paulsen voted against considering the Veterans Backlog Reduction Act, which would direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to pay provisional benefits for certain non-adjudicated claims.  The previous question was approved 224-195. A vote against the motion would have allowed for consideration of the veterans bill. [H Res 232, Vote #180, 5/23/13; Congressional Record, H2925, 5/23/13]

Voted Against Increasing Funds to Reduce the Backlog in Veterans Disability Claims.  In 2013, Paulsen voted against a motion that would help reduce the backlog of disability claims for veterans. The motion would have added $9.2 million in funding to hire an additional 94 claims processors to help reduce the veterans disability claims backlog. [CQ Floor Votes, 6/04/13; HR 2216, Vote #192, 6/04/13] (more…)

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching the first phase of a sweeping nationwide paid effort – “Battleground: Middle Class” – to communicate with voters in Minnesota that Congressman Erik Paulsen’s new Republican budget is selling out the middle class in favor of  special interests and the ultra-wealthy.

The “Battleground: Middle Class”‎ project will reach voters through paid advertising, efforts to connect them to their representatives and field efforts in their neighborhoods and at their homes.

Congressman Paulsen and House Republicans’ new budget was unveiled Tuesday, and highlights include: raising taxes on middle class families, ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors and turning Medicare into a voucher program, and costing our economy 1.1 million jobs next year alone – all while heaping tax breaks on corporations that ship jobs overseas.

“Congressman Paulsen’s new Republican budget is the clearest illustration yet that he is not on the side of Minnesota’s middle class families – Congressman Paulsen’s Republican budget rewards the special interests and the wealthy who need help the least, and does it on the backs of the middle class,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The people of Minnesota cannot afford Congressman Paulsen’s reckless budget that costs jobs, threatens middle class families’ financial security, raises their taxes, and ends the Medicare guarantee for Minnesota seniors, while giving more handouts to the corporations and special interests that are shipping our jobs overseas.”

A copy of the ad running in the district can be seen here:


Economic Policy Institute: Republican Budget Proposal Could Cost 1.1 Million Jobs in the Next Fiscal Year.  “On net, I estimate that the House budget resolution would decrease GDP by 0.9 percent and decrease nonfarm payrolls by 1.1 million jobs in fiscal year 2015, relative to CBO’s current-law baseline. The following fiscal year, when Ryan’s cuts to discretionary spending kick in, ‘The Path to Prosperity’ would decrease GDP by 2.5 percent and cost 3.0 million jobs. And if the recovery remains sluggish, large job losses could continue under the Ryan budget in 2017 and beyond.” [Economic Policy Institute, 4/01/14]

AARP: Republican Budget Would Remove the Medicare Guarantee. “Chairman Ryan’s proposed budget fails to address the high costs of health care and instead shifts costs onto seniors and future retirees. Repealing the benefits of the Affordable Care Act ignores the progress we’ve made to improve access to health care and protect against discrimination based on age, gender or medical history. Removing the Medicare guarantee of affordable health coverage for older Americans by implementing a premium support system and asking seniors and future retirees to pay more is not the right direction.” [AARP Press Release, 4/01/14]

New York Times: Republican Budget Would Lower Taxes for the Wealthy While Raising Taxes on the Middle Class by $2,000. “The budget lowers the top tax rate to 25 percent for the wealthiest taxpayers, down from the current 39.6 percent, while raising taxes on middle-class families with children by an average of $2,000.” [New York Times Editorial, 4/01/14]

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Paulsen_Playing_GamesAs Congressman Erik Paulsen continues to stack the deck for special interests and focus on the wrong priorities, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched a new paid campaign to highlight the totality of his damaging health care agenda, which hurts Minnesotans at every stage of their lives.

Sick N’ Broke – modeled after the Game of Life – features an online board game that tracks the many costly games Congressman Paulsen and Republicans play with Americans’ health care, from the cradle to the grave.

“Whether it’s being able to afford an emergency C-section, making sure kids get the right nutrition, ensuring women don’t have to pay more for their care or guaranteeing Medicare’s future, Congressman Paulsen and his Republicans play reckless games that hurt your health at every stage of life – all because they would rather stack the deck for their special interest buddies,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Now you can see just how much of a mess Congressman Paulsen would make of your health care – but one spoiler alert: in this game, you can’t win.”

See the ad running in Congressman Paulsen’s district below or play the game at www.RepublicanHealthGames.com

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