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How to Vote

check-mark110x110The election Tuesday, November 8 will be one of the most important of our generation!

You may vote early by “no-excuse” absentee ballot starting September 23rd till election day, November 8th.

Here are options to vote early:

  • Vote early by mail
  • Vote early in person
  • Vote from military or abroad
  • Track your absentee ballot

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Senate District
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(Not sure which district you’re in? Find your district and polling place here.)


Meet Steve Cwodzinski

Meet Laurie Pryor

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Where Clinton And Trump Stand On The Environment — In One Simple Graphic



Q&A: Laurie Pryor ~ DFL Minnesota House District 48A Party candidate



Former Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis rallies for Laurie Pryor


DFL 48A House candidate Laurie Pryor, DFL Senate candidate Deb Calvert and former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis.

Suburban women are an important voting bloc in any election, but they could be extra critical for Democrats this year. National polls repeatedly show a dearth of support among women for Republican nominee Donald Trump, who — among other comments — has said there should be some kind of “punishment” for women who want to have abortions.

That’s not lost on Davis and other Clinton surrogates, traveling to places like Minnetonka to drum up excitement among affluent Democratic women and independent voters. “We are all here in the final 15 minutes and we are giving everything we have,” Davis said. “Because we know what’s at stake.”

Support from women voters isn’t just crucial to Clinton, though. It will also be critically important for suburban DFL legislative candidates who appear down the ballot.

“I’m become convinced,” Davis said. “The outcome of this election hinges on women.”

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