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Putting Corporate Tax Giveaways Ahead of Our Kids



DFL Leaders on GOP’s Bill on Unlimited Campaign Spending

Thanks to the input I’ve received from many in our community, I am advocating for balanced investments in education, transportation and tax relief. I also support putting additional money into the budget reserves for future downturns. Any investments that we make should have the goal of strengthening Minnesota’s economy and need to be reasonable and fiscally prudent.

Two areas of investment pertinent to our economic success are education and transportation. I have serious concerns about the way the House majority is financing both their education and transportation proposals. The recently proposed House budget takes transportation funding out of the general fund, pitting the needs of our schools against the need to invest in our infrastructure. I support investing in our early learners, reducing class sizes and aiding parents and students with a continued college tuition freeze at state colleges and universities. The lack of school funding in the current proposal is also alarming to me, as many schools could see increased class sizes and reductions in student services.

If we pass the House budget as proposed, it is likely we could again face a budget deficit, or the unfortunate budgeting that resulted in borrowing money from schools and having our state’s credit rating lowered due to the use of shifts and gimmicks. It is absolutely crucial that at this time of economic growth, we keep our state on stable financial footing and ensure that our proposals are balanced. I will continue advocating for a balanced proposal that makes strategic investments in education, transportation and tax relief that helps to grow our economy.

The Legislature is constitutionally set to adjourn on May 18. Until then, it is crucial that you share your views and priorities with me. I hope to hear from you about what is important to you as we work to balance the state budget and continue moving Minnesota forward.

Rep. Yvonne Selcer
House District 48A
Eden Prairie News, April 9, 2015

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Legislators on spring recess, state budget in play

Members of the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate are on a spring recess. When lawmakers return the first week in April, they have six weeks to conclude their work before the May 18 adjournment deadline.

Leaders from the House DFL Caucus will travel the state to talk with citizens and editorial boards about DFL plans to invest the state budget in children, students and working families and proposals that honestly pay to repair Minnesota’s deteriorating roads and bridges. This is in stark contrast to the House GOP budget that puts corporate special interests ahead of the needs of hardworking families.

The House DFL leaders’ schedule includes the following events which are open to the public: (more…)

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Wheel … of … Daudt

03.20.15.WheelOfDaudtWheel. . .of. . .Daudt!

The House GOP will release its budget targets next week. While Gov. Dayton has been clear about his plan to invest the state’s budget surplus in children, students and families, Speaker Daudt has taken about every position there is on what to do with the surplus. Where will he land?


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