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March, 2014 Newsletter

Thanks to All Who Attended Caucuses and Convention

Weren’t able to join us for these events? Here’s what happened:

Precinct Caucuses

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in grassroots politics by attending their precinct caucuses in February.

Over 300 residents of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka came out on a cold, dark evening to meet with their neighbors, talk about issues important to them and elect precinct officers and delegates to the senate district convention.

Senate District Convention

20140308_112127On Saturday, March 10, over 100 people returned to the East Commons of Eden Prairie High School to participate in our convention.

We heard Rep. Yvonne Selcer (HD48A) announce that she is running for re-election this fall.

We also heard from:

  • Lt. Gov. Candidate Tina Smith
  • Attorney General Lori Swanson
  • Senator Terri Bonoff
  • Secretary of State Candidate Rep. Debra Hilstrom
  • Secretary of State Candidate Rep. Steve Simon
  • State Auditor Rebecca Otto
  • House Speaker Paul Thissen
  • Former House Minority Leader and MN2020 Founder Matt Entenza.

20140308_113905Convention delegates then elected delegates and alternates to the DFL State Central Committee, as well as delegates and alternates to the 3rd Congressional District and State DFL Conventions. Resolutions passed out of the precinct caucuses were reviewed and voted on to move forward to the next level of consideration where those passing will be incorporated into the State DFL platform.

What happened at the SD48 Republican Convention

At the Republican SD48 convention. held the same day as ours, the Republican delegates failed to endorse Rep. Jenifer Loon. As of today, Rep. Loon and Sheila Kihne will both be running in a primary.

For those of you who have been involved on the local level for some time will remember Ms. Kihne for her conservative blog, “The Activist Next Door” and position at the Third Congressional District Republican Party of Minnesota.

2014 = New Chance to Loan the District $50


With the start of 2014, you can once again make a contribution to SD48 DFL of up to $50 ($100 per couple) and receive a full refund from the State of Minnesota.

Take the time to write a check or visit the contribution page of this website and make a a secure, online contribution to Senate District 48 DFL.

Or, mail a check to:

Marylu Belisle, Deputy Treasurer
Senate District 48 DFL
15472 Sandhill Cir
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Historically, people supporting Republican candidates have taken better advantage of this program than those supporting Democratic candidates — to the tune of $2 to Republicans through this program to $1 to Democrats.

Now’s the time to change that. Don’t want to make a contribution all at once? Consider making a monthly contribution. We have multiple options on our contribution page.

2nd Annual
Jackie Steveson Dinner
Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stevenson Dinner GraphicOn May 4, Third Congressional District DFL is hosting their second annual Jackie Stevenson Dinner.

Guest Speaker:  Former State Senator Becky Lourey

Emcee:  Buck Humphrey

5:30 PM cocktail hour and Silent Auction

7:00 PM dinner and program

For more information or to get your tickets, visit JackieStevensonDinner.com

Growing with Us Plant Sale


2015 UPDATE:  Holasek Greenhouses is now out of business. We have no information on how to receive refunds. Please contact the organization you purchased your certificates from for further information.

Thinking about green grass and flowers now that we’re losing snow pack? We’ve got a great way for you to spruce up your planters and beds. Buy certificates that can be used at Holasek’s Greenhouse or their Great Gardens by Grandma sites.

You can find more information here.

Want to learn more about creating great containers?

We’re excited to announce we’ll be hosting a workshop Saturday, May 10, at 10:00 am. Shirley Mah Kooyman, a Hennepin County Master Gardener and botanist, will show us how we can create beautiful, unique planters.

We’ll have more information soon. Here’s where you can find information now, and check back to for the latest news.

Update from Rep. Yvonne Selcer

Yvonne_SelcerRep. Selcer has been busy working for the residents of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka in the legislature.

She reports that the state budget surplus has increased from a $627 million deficit last session to a $1.23 billion surplus, allowing the Minnesota House has approved over $500 million in Middle Class tax relief.

On February 28, Rep. Selcer’s free lunch bill for low income children was approved by the House Education Finance Committee. “This is a great opportunity to, in a bipartisan manner, to make a statement that no child shall go hungry in Minnesota because of an inability to pay,” said Rep. Selcer.

She also has a legislative survey available to share your views. You can complete the survey here. She is also continuing an aggressive door knock schedule that includes visiting with constituents on the weekends during the session.

Update from State Senate Candidate Laurie McKendry

laurie-mckendrySenate District 48 DFL appreciates having our candidates from 2012, Laurie McKendry, running again in 2016. She came close to winning the seat in 2012.  And, with your help, she will win in 2016.

Even though her race isn’t until 2016, she wanted to find out more about our communities. Laurie has been busy working in both Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

She’s looking forward to the Southwest Light Rail join meeting with the Minnetonka City Council and the Economic Development Advisory Commissions, on which she serves.

She’s also serving on the Board of Eden Prairie’s AM Rotary as the Director of Service Projects. “What I love most about my work,” Laurie said, “is getting to know people on a personal level no matter what political affiliation they hold. Doing this gives me and the other person a chance to put politics aside and see one another without labels. I’ve found that most of us have more in common that we have differences.”

“As I look at what’s happening in Washington today,” Laurie continued, “I see a situation where it’s never been more important to elect State Senators and Representative on our local level who share out beliefs. All you have to do is look at the gridlock there and the issues that have worked their way down to the state level for decisions. Last year, Minnesota’s legislators passed legislation in these key areas for you and me and our families:

  • immigration
  • marriage equality
  • voters’ rights
  • affordable healthcare exchange, and
  • environmental issues.

Doing your taxes?
Don’t forget the check boxes!

On both the federal and state income tax return forms, you have the opportunity to help Democrats

Federal Return

On your federal return, you’ll be asked, “Do you want $3 of your federal tax to go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?” Checking the box doesn’t increase the amount to taxes you owe and doesn’t decrease the size of any refund you’re due. The money provides funds for the Democratic presidential candidate and national party convention.

State Return

On your state return, you have the option of specifying $5 of state funds to go to state candidates (including our local legislative candidates like Rep. Selcer). Again, this will not increase the amount of taxes you owe or decrease any refund you’re due.

These are efforts to help keep running for office something a dedicated person can do, not just someone with personal wealth.

But, to work, people like you and me must check the boxes. So, please help our candidates with these two easy actions.

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