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Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin about November forecast

Mark_Dayton“Thanks to Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL leaders’ commitment to improving the economy, creating jobs and investing in education, it’s no surprise that Minnesota has more than a $1 billion budget surplus. I applaud Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators for getting results for the citizens of Minnesota.

“With the lowest unemployment rate in eight years and ranked as one of the top 10 ‘States for Business 2014’ by Forbes Magazine, Minnesota is recovering from years of Republicans’ shifts, slashes and shutdown and is now on the right track for success.

“The projected budget surplus sets the stage for a productive 2015 Legislative Session and allows for Gov. Mark Dayton and legislators to make key investments so everyone benefits from the state’s economic growth.”

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Mark_DaytonMinnesotans received great news today; thanks to the leadership of Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL leaders, the state has a budget surplus of $1.233 billion for fiscal years 2014-15. This follows years of budget deficits under Republicans who used smoke and mirrors and borrowed from our schools to ‘balance’ the state’s budget.

“The additional money provides an opportunity to keep Minnesota moving in the right direction – forward. While many ideas about how to best use the budget surplus will come forward, I trust Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders will take actions to help middle class families and continue their work to build a Better Minnesota.”

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