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Supports Selcer in District 48A

I am a teacher in the Hopkins District and a Minnetonka resident. I want to see Rep. Yvonne Selcer re-elected to the state House for our district, 48A.

I have known Rep. Selcer since she was on our School Board. I have been consistently impressed with her responsiveness, dedication, and commitment to our families. As a teacher, I still feel her legacy on the board. She left our district in good fiscal standing with programs that are responding to our diverse community. She knows what our children need to get a good education, and has always made sure our schools have the ability to provide for our students.

As our representative, Yvonne Selcer voted to make sure our schools were paid back the money that was “borrowed” from them — something her predecessor, Kirk Stensrud, did not do when he was our one-term representative at the Capitol. She is also fighting for fair teacher and student standards that are both challenging and inclusive.

Yvonne Selcer represents the needs of everyone in our community well. She has gained respect and seniority amongst her legislative peers. She deserves to be re-elected in the fall.

Heather Copps
Eden Prairie News, September 18, 2014

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