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Supports Howe-Pullis in 48B

Working as a business consultant over the past three decades, I have heard much about how government and business could cooperate to improve the life of all Americans. Often this dialogue leads to polarized stances:  more government versus no government interference in business, with both sides aiming for the common good.

Business and government leaders of goodwill both sound the same theme:  “We are here to achieve a society that benefits from policies that lead to a better life.” Business thrives when government provides the right infrastructure subsidies, SBA loans, and research and development partnerships to boost the economy and to develop the workforce.

I have known Joan Howe-Pullis, DFL candidate in District 48B, for a decade and believe she has the knowledge and experience to listen, clarify, and problem solve through the growing diversity that has characterized Eden Prairie since Jean Harris was our mayor. Like Jean, Joan is not drive by ideology, but by pragmatic, collaborative problem solving that brings a common-sense view to government-business partnerships.

She listens without rushing to preconceived judgment. Her educational background has given her the skill in making the conversation collaborative, not combative. Her business experience has given her the understanding of the minefields entrepreneurs and business face every day. If you are looking for someone with these skills to represent you in state government, vote Joan Howe-Pullis

Fred Baumer
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, September 4, 2014

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