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Selcer is an independent voice

I am writing this letter in support of Rep. Yvonne Selcer. As the 2010 Independence Party candidate for governor, I understand the importance of supporting candidates who have the interests of the people at heart. In an ear of often extreme partisanship, exemplified by the government shutdown which occurred during her opponent’s tenure, we need elected officials who will listen to all sides, consider all the facts, and work toward common-sense solutions.

Rep. Selcer has done just that. During her two years as state representative, the Legislature finished on time. Rep. Selcer reached across the aisle, and most of her bills had bipartisan support. Selcer authored the legislation that paid the schools back, and voted to increase our state’s “rainy day fund” into the future. She voted to end legislative perks such as the much-discussed “get out of jail free card” legislators held, to eliminate legislators’ ability to raise their own pay, and supports greater campaign finance disclosure. She was not afraid to vote against her party on important issues, illustrated by her vote against the 2013 tax bill.

Yvonne Selcer has been an independent voice working on behalf of her community curing her first term. Please join me in supporting Yvonne Selcer for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Tom Horner
Eden Prairie News, October 23, 2014

Editor’s Note: Horner was the Independence Party candidate for governor in 2010.

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