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Republican Actions Speak Louder than Words 5

So, if you’ve read all our posts on who Republicans are hurting with their budget, you might be wondering who is benefiting.

The biggest winners in the Republican budget are corporate special interests and the wealthiest Minnesotans.

Here’s how:

Giving away billions in permanent tax giveaways to corporations and big businesses: Republicans permanently eliminate the statewide business property tax, which gives corporations and businesses a multi-billion dollar tax giveaway over the next eight years.

Eliminating all limits on corporate lobbyist contributions for their own campaigns Republicans passed a bill that eliminates limits on lobbyist contributions to their campaigns. That means the corporate interests that are cashing in from the GOP tax bill will have greater ability to bankroll the campaigns of the representatives that put their needs first.

Cutting taxes for multi-million dollars estates: Republicans passed huge tax cuts for the heirs of multi-million dollar estates. The tax cut will benefit about 800 of the richest Minnesotans. When fully phased-in, this $171 million per biennium tax cut is more money than the Republican budget’s entire increase for Minnesota’s schools. 


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