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How to Register to Vote in Minnesota

You can register to vote online, by mail, or in person with your local election official OR at the polls on Election Day.

Once you register, you can check your status using the state’s online Voter Status search.


You can register to vote online using the MN Secretary of State’s Online Voter Registration Application.

By Mail

To register by mail, download and complete the Minnesota Voter Registration Application.

The form is designed so that when you fold it, the return address is already printed for you.

NOTE: Visit the state’s Voter Registration Applications section if you need another a special version of the form (e.g., a large print version or one in another language).

In Person

Using the same Minnesota Voter Registration Application, you can register in person at your local county elections office OR at the polls on Election Day. Find your polling place here.

If you register on Election Day, you must bring the required identification documents listed below under Required Identification for MN Elections.

Required Identification for MN Elections

You don’t need identification to register to vote in MN UNLESS you register at the polls on Election Day.

When registering on Election Day, you must bring one of the following:

  • valid photo ID such as a MN driver’s license, permit, or ID card (or a receipt for any of these IDs).
  • A valid student ID card that has your picture.
    • Can only be used if your college has given a student housing list to election officials.
  • A photo Tribal ID card that shows your signature.
  • A valid voter registration in your same precinct showing a different name or address.
  • A registered voter residing in your precinct who can sign an oath confirming your address.
  • An employee of your residential facility who can sign an oath to confirm your address.

If you cannot provide one of the above, you can provide an expired photo ID; however, if you do you’ll also need to bring proof of residency, such as a utility bill or rent statement dated within 30 days of Election Day.

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