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Re-elect Yvonne Selcer

Yvonne_Selcer2014 brought us many victories for the working and middle class in the state Legislature, including two common-sense bills that passed with broad bipartisan support.

I would like to thank Rep. Yvonne Selcer for supporting these two acts. Her vote helped to guarantee a boost to the Working Family Credit, which, like the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, ensures that families who earn below a certain level get to keep more of what they make. Rep. Selcer’s vote also eliminated multiple business-to-business sales taxes, increased the Child and Dependent Care Credit to offset the cost of childcare for low-income families, and even allowed for the first net reduction in property taxes in 12 years.

Because of the property tax legislation contained within these two acts, low and moderate-income families may qualify for a partial tax refund. Visit revenue.state.mn.us to see if you qualify under the Homestead Credit Refund of the Renter’s Property Tax Refund.

Rep. Selcer has used her votes to prove that she is a champion of all Minnesotans. Let’s re-elect her this November for continued progress for the working and middle class.

Stefan Peterson
Eden Prairie. MN
Eden Prairie News, August 7, 2014

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