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Questions Stensrud supporters

I’m disappointed that Kirk Stensrud’s wealthy special interest supporters are trying to distract us from the issues that matter most in this election. Instead of running a positive campaign about priorities like education, job creation and transportation, his allies are resorting to misleading attacks over the construction of a new office building, which Rep. Selcer voted against, misrepresenting her votes on legislative pay — she actually supported taking away the ability of legislators to set their own pay — and misinforming us about Rep. Selcer’s vote to spend money on “government buildings” which in reality included schools — an example being repair of the leaking roof at our Hennepin Technical College.

Why aren’t Stensrud’s allies talking about his former record as our state representative — is it because it included government shut down and shifting over a billion dollars away from our schools to pay bills?

The truth is that we’re smarter than that and we know better. Rep. Selcer is working hard on issues that really matter to us such as job creation and investments in our schools. Rep. Yvonne Selcer is the only candidate in this election we can count on to fight for our priorities over the next two years.

Debra Hoffman
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, October 23, 2014

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