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This November: Eden Prairie School Referendums

EP District LogoDon’t have children in Eden Prairie’s schools?  So, why should you care about how our schools are doing?  Well, a level of excellence in public education means people want to move to Eden Prairie over other communities.  And, that means stronger property values.

So, Eden Prairie voters have the opportunity to vote on two referendum questions this November:

Question #1, Operating Levy — The district’s operating levy is expiring. That means all of the district’s operating funds from local taxes will disappear. What does that mean?  It means the district must cut $10 million next year.  That’s on top of the $17 million being cut over the last 10 years.  This amount is less than half of what the district proposed last year.

Question #2, Educational Investments — Builds on Question #1 with a proposal to increase the district’s operating levy by an additional $150 per pupil for the next ten years. For Question #2 to pass, Question #1 must also be approved.

What does this increase mean to the average homeowner?  $8 for Question #1 and $5 for Question #2 — that’s only $13 per month.  Can you take the family out for dinner on $30?

As Democrats, we believe in the importance of public education. After reviewing the information below, we ask you to support these questions by voting yes.

And, the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce has endorsed this referendum’s questions.

Here are some links to more information:

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