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We need Joan Howe-Pullis

According to Harvard Business School, the growing disparity between the 1 percent and the rest of our society is not sustainable; not surprising as companies pull out of world markets where there is no large middle class with money to buy their products and services. That is where America is headed; we need change.

Most of us came from the economically strong large middle class that was the backbone of American Democracy. Joan Howe-Pullis is from our middle class. She knows what it’s like to depend on a paycheck, as well as the challenges of running a small business. Joan knows, firsthand, what families face when wages shrink and costs rise, making it hard to make ends meet, even when both parents work.

Joan Howe-Pullis is a moderate who works with all and never shrinks from hard work. She has been active as a citizen working with the legislative efforts to pass laws defending individual rights, living wages, school lunch for children whose parents can’t pay, all day kindergarten — a help to working parents, public education an opportunity. Joan is also a woman of faith who has worked with ecumenical outreach.

As a retired executive, and business owners, I side with Warren Buffet; those fortunate enough to have “made it,” ought to pay their fair share. Joan will fight to see the next generation has the same opportunities we had on the way way up, including a living wage. Taxes create jobs, opportunity and flow back into the pockets of the many, putting money in the economy to buy goods and services, benefitting us all. This ex-Republican will vote for Joan Howe-Pullis on Election Day for Eden Prairie State Representative (House District 48B). It makes good economic sense — join me.

Sharon Borine
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, September 25, 2014


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