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Minnesota’s Schools are Doing Better

This is our 3 post talking about how no matter what our Republican counterparts keep shouting (and they do do that well), thing have been getting better for the people of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka since 2012.

Today, here’s information how how our schools have been doing better. As we’ve stated before, the work is never done. But, things are, indeed, better now thanks to Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders:


  • Paid back the $2.8 billion owed to schools (the bill was authored by our own Rep. Yvonne Selcer)
  • $660 million in new school funding
  • Increased school funding for every school district in the state
  • Provided early learning scholarships for nearly 9,000 young learners
  • Provided free all-day Kindergarten for every student in Minnesota
  • Ensured all children have access to healthy meals in school
  • Improved special education and English Language Learning programs
  • Placed renewed focus on improving reading skills for young learners
  • Helped eliminate 4-day school weeks implemented to keep school districts from going deeper into the red.

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