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Minnesota’s Economy is Doing Better

We guess that saying from Sen. Wellstone that we all do better when we all do better is being proven true again.

If you’ve had the TV on or picked up mail lately, you’ve probably seen a lot of claims coming from those on the Republican side of the aisle about how awful things are here in Minnesota. While we agree things can continue to improve, we’ll be doing several posts about what’s really happening.

Please let your friends know that after 10 years of Republican “disinvestments”, Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders helped make this happen:


  • 8th on Forbes’ list of “Best States to Do Business”
  • 9th on Forbes’ economic climate rating list
  • 3 Minnesota cities are ranked by Forbes among the top 25 smaller cities in the country to do business and have a career. Mankato ranked third on the national list, followed by Rochester (23rd) and St. Cloud (24th).
  • CNBC ranked Minnesota is the 6th-best state in the nation to do business.
  • Minnesota has the 4th-best quality of life.
  • DEED: 82% of Minnesota businesses expect steady or increased profits in the coming year.
  • Minnesota scored as a “top place” to start or grow a small business
  • Minnesota’s budget surplus grew to $1.23 billion under DFL leadership


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