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Minnesota Needs a Fair and Balanced Budget: Higher Ed

Minnesota needs a fair and balanced budget 

This is the last full week of the regular 2015 Legislative Session. While Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL legislators are working to build a better Minnesota for all Minnesotans with the state’s $2 billion budget surplus, House GOP want $4 billion in permanent tax giveaways for corporations and special interests, to kick 90,000 working families off health care, to cut job creation programs, and shortchange our children’s futures.

Higher education – $226.4 million gap

Gov. Dayton’s budget would freeze tuitions for over 317,000 students at the University of Minnesota and MnSCU, expand the State Grant Program for 7,500 more students and increase Grant awards for an additional 93,000, and help 250 American Indian students pursue higher educations. It would also invest $30 million to return the University of Minnesota Medical School to national prominence and train the next generation of world-class medical professionals right here in Minnesota. 

By contrast, the House GOP plan would: 

  • Potentially raise tuitions at the University of Minnesota by as much as $730 per year
  • Raise tuitions at MnSCU campuses by as much as 3 percent
  • Cut $53 million from the State Grant Program, making college more expensive for 85,000 students; increasing their tuition burdens
  • Give no new funding for American Indian Scholarships
  • Give no new funding for the University of Minnesota Medical School


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