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Minnesota Needs a Fair and Balanced Budget: E-12 Education

Minnesota needs a fair and balanced budget 

This is the last full week of the regular 2015 Legislative Session. While Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL legislators are working to build a better Minnesota for all Minnesotans with the state’s $2 billion budget surplus, House GOP want $4 billion in permanent tax giveaways for corporations and special interests, to kick 90,000 working families off health care, to cut job creation programs, and shortchange our children’s futures.

E-12 education – $537.9 million gap

Gov. Dayton’s budget would send 47,300 four-year-olds to preschool for free, continue early learning scholarships for over 10,000 kids, eliminate the Head Start waiting list for 2,400 young children, increase funding for every school district in Minnesota, and make important investments to improve student achievement and help all our children achieve their greatest potential.   

By contrast, the House GOP plan would: 

  • Give limited new funding for essential classroom needs
  • Give no funding for universal prekindergarten
  • Give no funding for school breakfast for our youngest learners
  • End funding for Regional Centers of Excellence, which have helped significantly narrow achievement gaps in struggling schools
  • Give no new funding for special education
  • Give no new funding for Head Start, forcing 2,400 kids to stay on the waiting list
  • Give no new funding for the Positive Behavior in School Program, which has significantly improved student behavior and curbed unnecessary school detentions
  • End the opportunity for many high school students to take the ACT in preparation for college and other post-secondary studies 

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