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Invest in Minnesota’s Future

A highly educated work force is Minnesota’s number one resource. It is essential that we continue to invest in our colleges and universities to keep them the best in the country. Second-best colleges turn out mediocre graduates. And meanwhile, our most talented students will go to other states for their education.

Please urge our legislators not to short change the students. Last year on the recommendation of Gov. Dayton, the Legislature passed legislation to freeze tuition in Minnesota’s colleges and universities. Yearly tuition hikes had pushed the cost of higher education beyond the means of many sutdents. This year the Legislature is recommending that the tuition freeze only apply to two-year institutions. Students who need to attend four-year colleges will again face escalating tuition. Most of these students will graduate with devastating debts. It’s not fair!

Businesses will leave our state without an educated workforce. Cutting funds for higher education is shortsighted indeed. Keeping tution reasonable is also important. We need all students who desire to attend college to be able to afford it, and not to end up at graduation with enormous debts either. We must keep the tuition freeze for all state colleges and universities.

Remind our legislators today to make Minnesota’s colleges and universities a top priority in the budget.

Donna Murphy
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, April 30, 2015




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