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Howe-Pullis for the Prosperity of All

In the past few months, Joan Howe-Pullis has knocked on thousands of doors in District 48B. People have been telling her about the issues that matter to them. They’re concerned about our tax dollars. They’re unhappy about the depletion of school funding. They’re concerned about how we care for those with mental health and other issues. They talk about affordable energy sources and alternative types of transportation.

Joan pays attention. She asks respectful questions and listens intently to the answers. As someone who knows her well, I want you to know that her interest, passion, concern and open mind:  It’s all for real. It’s not electioneering. And, it’s backed up with an incredible level of energy, optimism and smarts, along with a deep conviction that no issues are insurmountable if we’re willing to tackle them together.

If we send Joan to St. Paul, we’ll have an open-eyed small business person who knows the real issues that face employers working for us. A trained educator who has seen how budgets either empower or restrict classroom teachers, administrators, and districts working for us. A woman of faith who believes that government is the ultimate tool for serving the common good working for us. A mom with the common sense to manage a budget but who knows when to to prioritize the things that are most important working for us. A daughter sensitive to the concerns and challenges facing our elders working for us.

There will be no “aisles” stopping Joan from getting the right things done for Eden Priarie and for Minnesota. When my friend Joan says she’s going to work for the propserity of all, she means it. I’m voting to put Joan into office, and I ask you to vote for her, too.

Trish Sullivan Vanni
Eden Prairie
Eden Priarie News, September 25, 2014

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